Best Keystroke Encryption Software to Protect Against Keyloggers

Antivirus software is not foolproof and cannot provide complete protection against all types of malware and ransomware that are created and released daily. During the time it takes for antivirus analysts to add a new virus to their definitions list, the virus may have already infected your computer and caused significant damage, including stealing sensitive information such as passwords and account balances. This is particularly true for viruses that contain keyloggers, which can record and steal every keystroke made on a keyboard, including passwords and other confidential information.

Keystroke encryption software can help prevent keyloggers from accurately logging keystrokes by working deep within the Windows operating system. This is particularly important given that most Remote Access Trojans contain keyloggers as a common feature. Keystroke encryption is an additional layer of defense that can keep sensitive information safe and prevent unauthorized access to personal and confidential data. It is a practical tool that provides users with extra protection against cyber threats and helps to ensure privacy while using the Internet.

Keystroke Encryption Software for Windows 11 and 10

Keystroke encryption software thwarts keyloggers by either sending a random or useless text or blocking keystrokes altogether. Presently, there are five keystroke encryption products available, which are listed below.

Best 5 Keystroke Encryption Software for Windows are:-

  • Zemana AntiLogger
  • GuardedID
  • SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger
  • KeyScrambler
  • NetxtGen AntiKeylogger

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger is an efficient and robust application with a user-friendly interface that tracks activity on your computer to provide security to sensitive information. It is one of the best keystroke encryption tools available, designed to encrypt keystrokes to prevent keyloggers from capturing them. The software is capable of detecting and blocking any suspicious activity that could compromise your data or sensitive information, providing an added layer of protection. If the application identifies any suspicious activity, it blocks it immediately.

The most essential features of Zemana AntiLogger keystroke encryption software are as follows:-

  • It ensures the secure transmission of login credentials, credit card numbers, and other security information while blocking attackers.
  • Online malware scanner Zemana is efficient and lightweight.
  • The Pandora technology carefully analyzes each unknown file in the cloud before executing it.
  • With this software, you can camouflage your daily activities, including online shopping, calling, texting, and banking.
  • Protects against ransomware with reliable protection.
  • By detecting unwanted apps and toolbars, browser add-ons, and adware infections, this software removes them.

The Zemana software provides round-the-clock technical assistance and emergency support in addition to real-time protection against security threats.

Below are the details of Zemana AntiLogger:-

  • Price: Starting at $35 per year.
  • Password Protection: None.
  • Encryption Method: Blank output.
  • Additional Protection: None.
  • Supported Applications: All.
  • Supported Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 7, Vista, and Windows XP (32 and 64-bit).

You can download Zemana AntiLogger here.


Keylogging attacks are considered a serious cybercrime as they increase the vulnerability of data theft. However, GuardedID offers protection against these attacks and eliminates the risk of data theft caused by keylogging. Unlike anti-virus and anti-malware software, this keystroke encryption software specifically protects sensitive and personal data from known and unknown keylogger threats.

Some of the impressive features of GuardedID keystroke encryption software are:-

  • Installs easily.
  • This software will not slow down your computer.
  • A US company built, patented, and supports it.
  • The software also offers anti-screen capture and anti-click jacking features.
  • It offers multiple layers of protection against cyber-attacks.
  • By using this keystroke encryption software, cybercriminals cannot see anything but meaningless numbers.
  • Keyloggers, both on the desktop and on the kernel, can be prevented with the programs.
  • In addition to protecting financial information and personal data, this software proactively encrypts all keystrokes.

Keystroke encryption software is an effective way to prevent malicious keylogging programs from stealing sensitive information. The software works by encrypting keystroke data and creating a direct path to the computer that is invisible to keyloggers, using a 256-bit encryption code. This level of encryption is equivalent to military-grade encryption and provides strong protection for sensitive information.

The details of GuardedID are presented below:-

  • Price: For one year and 2PC, $29.99.
  • Password Protection: None.
  • Supported Applications: Unspecified and limited.
  • Encryption Method: With sequential numbers replaces the logged keystrokes.
  • Additional Protection: Sends black screenshots by blocking the screen loggers.
  • Supported Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.

Grab GuardedID here.

SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger

SpyShelter is a keystroke encryption software that offers excellent protection for sensitive data against keyloggers. This free security tool uses advanced technology to monitor all ongoing and current activities on your PC, preventing any malware or virus from taking action. SpyShelter’s unique features allow it to block both customized and commercial keyloggers, even when antivirus software fails to detect the keylogger activity. With SpyShelter Anti Keylogger, users can have peace of mind that their data is protected from potential threats.

Upon installation, this software will perform the following tasks:-

  • Protect your personal data from theft, including chat messages, passwords, and credit card information.
  • Protect yourself from dangerous zero-day malware by detecting and preventing it.
  • This software allows you to define rules for every application.
  • Ensure that all keystrokes are encrypted in applications.
  • Hijack-proof the microphone and webcam.

Since the day you installed this keystroke encryption software, your RAM, registry, and other applications has been protected against zero-day malware. Because of the fast algorithm processing of SpyShelter, it will not slow down your computer as much as other software. However, this software will make the processing suitable even for an older computer, compared to other software.

Below are some of the most common features of this keystroke encryption software:-

  • The computer is continuously monitored for malicious software by this program.
  • If you already have the keylogger hacking tool installed in your system, it can detect and remove it.
  • The software is lightweight and fast, and it provides real-time encryption of keystrokes.
  • SpyShelter works without a signature database.
  • It provides extremely solid protection against unknown and known zero-day malware.
  • Using SpyShelter, you can encrypt all keystrokes to protect your vital information.
  • Passwords won’t be accessed by malware.
  • Keystroke encryption software such as SpyShelter protects against financial malware. Moreover, it provides powerful protection against sophisticated financial malware such as screen loggers, webcam loggers, and keyloggers.
  • Screenshots capturing suspicious activities are immediately stopped by this program.

AntiNetworkSpy is a highly customizable keystroke encryption software that enables you to set rules for each application running on your computer. This way, you have complete control over the data being processed by each program. Additionally, AntiNetworkSpy’s proactive module effectively prevents dangerous Trojans from stealing your private data, thus ensuring that you can conduct important online transactions with peace of mind.

SpyShelter is available on its official website.


KeyScrambler is a user-friendly keystroke encryption software that provides robust security to protect your private data and information. The software requires minimal user effort while ensuring excellent security. KeyScrambler uses an encryption module that starts working in real time as soon as you start typing. The encrypted keystrokes pass through your operating system, appearing as junk to any snooping Keylogger. Once you arrive at your destination, you can type normally without any interruption. This software is an efficient and easy way to protect your sensitive data from keylogging attacks.

Here are some of the best features of KeyScrambler:-

  • It encrypts typed information in more than 60 browsers.
  • It can encrypt typed information in more than 170 standalone apps.
  • In more than 140 business programs, this program can encrypt typed information with different advanced security features.
  • The latest version of this program is automatically updated.
  • By using online support, you will be able to locate the relevant information quickly, and you will also be able to find the answers to your questions.
  • Detailed troubleshooting tips are available in the FAQ as well.

KeyScrambler offers three different editions: Professional, Personal, and Premium, providing users with a variety of options to choose from based on their specific needs. Each edition offers unique features that cater to different types of users, with the Professional edition providing the most comprehensive feature set.

Below are the details of KeyScrambler’s features:-

  • Price: Personal – Free, Premium – $44.99, and Professional – $29.99
  • Password Protection: None
  • Supported Application: Published and limited
  • Encryption Method: RSA (1024–bit), Blowfish (128-bit), and random output characters
  • Additional Protection: None
  • Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

You can download KeyScrambler from its homepage.

NextGen AntiKeylogger

NextGen AntiKeylogger is a powerful keystroke encryption program that prevents keylogging programs from accessing both known and unknown data. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use while protecting users’ personal, financial, and professional information from keystroke loggers.

Keystroke loggers can attempt to steal users’ sensitive information such as banking information, usernames, passwords, and other personal data when they enter it on their keyboards. However, this software ensures that the user’s data is safe from keystroke loggers by encrypting keyboard entries before they reach the driver that handles Windows input. The software encrypts the entries, runs them through the system, and decrypts them before displaying the original entries.

Despite actively grabbing keyboard input, this process sends incorrect information to keystroke loggers, ensuring that the user’s data is protected. NextGen AntiKeylogger is available in three editions: professional, free, and ultimate, each with its unique features.

Here are some of the essential features of this software:-

  • Protects data at its lowest level by intercepting keystrokes.
  • The encryption software encrypts the keystrokes and transmits the data directly to the protected application.
  • All keyloggers can be defeated with it.
  • This program does not include false positives, as proactive protection is the foundation of the program.
  • This software does not require any additional configuration, and it works out of the box.
  • With this software, even inexperienced users can use it efficiently.
  • It protects IM clients, web browsers, password managers, editors, and more.
  • Using this program, you can save your overall policy.
  • This software supports only 32-bit computing.
  • This software has an easy-to-use user interface.

This keystroke encryption software is essential in order to prevent keyloggers that may have been missed by malware or virus scanners. It can also help correct any keystrokes that have been incorrectly logged by logging software. By using this software, accurate keystrokes will be sent to Windows, even if the logging software captures incorrect keystrokes.

NextGen AntiKeylogger software features the following:-

  • Price: Free, Pro – $29, and Ultimate – $39
  • Password Protection: Yes
  • Encryption Method: Unknown, but with random characters, it replaces the logged keystrokes.
  • Additional Protection: None
  • Supported Applications: Published and Limited
  • Supported Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 (32-bit only).

Download NextGen AntiKeylogger here.

There are several top-rated keystroke encryption programs for Windows available to provide maximum protection for your computer. These software programs can secure your system, personal information, and sensitive data against unwanted cyberattacks. By selecting any of these keystroke encryption tools, you can safeguard your keystrokes from keyloggers:

  • Zemana AntiLogger
  • GuardedID
  • SpyShelter
  • KeyScrambler
  • NextGen AntiKeylogger

Each of these software programs offers unique features and benefits. By choosing the one that suits your needs, you can protect your computer from keylogging attacks and secure your private data.

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