Amazon Photos: Free Unlimited Photo Storage for Windows 11/10

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What comes to mind when we hear the word Amazon? Most people will think about that online retailer, but this same online retailer offers a product called Amazon Photos. What are Amazon Photos? Essentially, it allows Amazon account holders who have the service to upload five gigabytes of photos and videos to the server in full resolution, not scaled down, not compressed, but in full resolution. With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited storage, but videos are still limited to 5 gigs, so if you want more, you need to upgrade to a premium plan for $1.99 per month for 100 GB or $6.99 per month for 1TB.

Benefits of having an amazon Amazon Prime account:-

  • You get unlimited storage for photos, but there’s a limit on video storage to 5 Gigabytes.
  • The other advantage of having a Prime account over a regular account is that any prime account holder also gets enhanced searches. You get the family vault where you can invite five family members. Hence, they get unlimited storage as well.

This is what the Amazon Prime application looks like as the desktop edition. Here Amazon automatically backs up your videos and pictures on your computer; you either change this setup in the setting.

The application is available for Android OS as well as for iOS users. Here you have got a bunch of options. You can select a specific folder that you want to back up constantly, choose a particular path from the Browse option, or drag and drop your photos for the automatic cloud backup.

This is the web interface to upload stuff like photos or videos. Click on Add or Browse your image to upload, click on the upload folder after selecting the particular folder to be uploaded, and it starts uploading your photos and videos.

Even Amazon Photos allows you to create an Album of selected photos. You can create a free account for Amazon Photos here.

You might also be interested in Microsoft OneDrive and Degoo’s free cloud storage service for Windows 10.

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