Blender: Free Video Editing & Animation Creator

Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite with many features to model, animate and even stimulate some projects during composition. Along with these features, Blender also supports video editing; hence it is all in one package. The Blender package does support Linux, Windows, and even mac operating systems. What blender actually offers to you is, it has so many options, and it is used for so many things through modeling animation simulation and, in the end, video editing.

Its main purpose is for animation, and 3D modeling offers all the features for video editing. People with more advanced skills are using this software to do higher-quality projects, and it is pretty cool that you can use a Blender. Blender offers so many features simultaneously that it’s important to stay updated with every feature they release, ensuring that they’re offering the best quality each feature can achieve.

When using the animation or monitoring section compared to the different rendering process that takes for each animation and video editing now. Adding too many things in one software program may cause some problems in optimization and feature set in the future; it has done a real job keeping everything optimized when it comes to the blender software experience as a whole.

Blender 3D designing software can be used by art studios, artists, professionals, scientists, students, VFX experts, animators, game artists, game modders, and numerous other professions. Making it a platform, an individual can showcase his/her creativity with 3D art.

Main features of Blender

  1. Rendering: Blender utilizes the “cycle” rendering engine for speedy work completion and gives the see before finishing.
  2. Modeling: The designing software works with 3D demonstrating models, structures, building,  3D video games, etc.
  3. Sculpting
  4. Rigging & Animation: Designers can make stimulation models for many purposes.  It could be workflow presentation, educational diagrams, and many.
  5. Video Editing: The 3D designing software works with video editing. Creators can add animated components to customized clips.

Download Blender

You can download the latest version of this free video editing and animation creator tool from its homepage.

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