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How to Prevent Users from using Smart Cards on BitLocker Removable Drives on Windows 11 or 10?

On Windows 11 or 10 PCs, smart cards can be used to authenticate user access to the BitLocker-protected removable data drives. However, if you do not want to use smart cards on BitLocker removable data drives on Windows 11/10 PC, you can disable this using Local Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor. In this gearupwindows […]

How to Allow or Deny Write Access to Removable Drives not Protected by BitLocker in Windows 11 or 10?

In this gearupwindows article, you will learn to allow and block write access to removable drives that are not protected by BitLocker. You can configure this setting in Windows 11 and 10 using two methods: Local Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor. Once you enable this policy, Windows 11 or 10 will not allow you […]

How to Disable BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 11 and 10?

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a built-in feature of Windows 11 and 10 Professional and Enterprise editions that encrypts your drive to help keep your data secure. For some reason, if you want to turn off this encryption on your PC, you can do it quickly through Control Panel. Before disabling the BitLocker in your Windows […]

How to Enable and Use BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 10?

If you don’t know what Encryption is, Encryption is a method of making readable information unrecognizable to unauthorized users. Once you encrypt your data, it remains usable even when sharing it with other users. Windows 10 includes encryption technology that is known as BitLocker Drive Encryption. However, this feature is available only in the Pro, […]

How to Use BitLocker on Windows 11 or 10 without a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)?

To use the BitLocker function, you need a computer that has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). If you try to enable BitLocker on a PC without a TPM, you’ll be told your administrator must set a system policy option. On the other hand, BitLocker is available only on Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows. […]

How to Enable or Disable Device Encryption on Windows 11?

Bitlocker is a handy feature of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise edition, but it is not a part of Windows 11 Home. But, if you need, you can still protect your drive using “Device Encryption” technology. Device encryption helps protect your data, and it’s available on a wide range of Windows devices. If you turn […]