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How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad in Windows 11?

On a Windows 11 computer, you can turn on dark mode or dark theme by navigating to Settings > Personalization > Colors page and after that selecting the Dark option from the “Choose your mode” drop-down menu. Once you enable the dark theme; the taskbar, Start menu, File Explorer, Settings app, and many other supported […]

Registry Explorer: A Free Registry Editor with Dark Mode for Windows 11/10

If you don’t know, the Windows Registry is a centralized, hierarchical database used by the Windows operating system to store low-level settings for the kernel. It also keeps system settings, hardware configurations, user preferences, device drivers, services, Security Accounts Manager, user interfaces, etc. Windows administrators or power users often use Registry Editor to change their […]

Windows 11 Dark Mode: Enabling and Disabling Dark Theme

Microsoft had introduced Dark mode or theme in Windows 10 first, and now it is also available in Windows 11. Windows 11 also comes with a Dark mode, but by default, its Light theme remains active. You can enable the Dark mode theme using the Settings app or even a Registry tweak. This article will […]

Black Notepad: A Free Notepad App with Dark Mode or Black Theme

Although Windows 10 allows users to enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 via the Settings app, it doesn’t change the traditional Notepad app. People who want to use a Notepad app with dark mode or black theme on their Windows 10 PC might be interested in a freeware UWP app Black Notepad. Black Notepad for […]

How to activate the Dark Theme in Opera Browser on Windows 11/10?

The Opera browser comes with a lot of great functions. It has the ability to easily block unwanted ads or also allows to totally block unwanted popups. It is one of the most popular browsers and supports Windows 11/10 operating system too. It is an excellent alternative to Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, as it comes […]

How to Enable or Force Dark Mode for Web Contents in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome 74 and later versions offer a built-in dark mode for Windows 11/10/8/7. If you are still using the old version of Google Chrome, you can manually update the Google Chrome browser to enable the Dark Mode. The Dark Mode settings/theme reduces the light transmitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast […]

How to Enable Dark Mode or Theme in Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 features a Dark Mode or Theme hidden by default and can be enabled using Settings or a Registry tweak. This tutorial will show you how to turn on the hidden Windows 10 Dark Theme by editing the Windows Registry or Settings app. Windows 10 comes with many personalization options, and with a […]

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint?

The dark mode concept is increasing its popularity. All popular applications started offering a dark mode or night mode these days. Dark more concept is not new; Microsoft Office applications are providing these dark themes for years. However, by default light mode theme is active in Microsoft Office. If you want to use the dark […]