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Free Bloatware Removal Utility for Windows 11 and 10

Bloatware Removal Utility is a free and open-source application that allows you to uninstall or remove pre-installed and third-party apps with the help of Windows PowerShell. Using this tool, you can quickly remove pre-installed apps from Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Windows 11 and 10 come with a lot of unwanted apps, such as 3D […]

MiniTool Partition Wizard: A Free Partition Manager for Windows 11 and 10

Windows 11/10 includes a built-in Disk Management Tool and Diskpart.exe that helps users and administrators with Disk management tasks. Although they are easy to use, many prefer more feature-rich disk & partition manager software for their computers. If you are searching for a good-looking ad feature-rich portion manager, you should try MiniTool Partition Wizard. MiniTool […]

AnyViewer – A Free Remote Desktop Software for Windows 11 and 10

AnyViewer is a free Windows remote software. It allows users to easily and quickly access a PC or server remotely via the Internet anytime, anywhere, without worrying about deadlines. If you are at the office or home and need help from your friend or administrator, AnyViewer may play a handy role. You can quickly provide […]

Win10 Settings Blocker Allows to Lockdown Specific Settings in Windows 11 and 10

In Windows 10 Version 1703, Microsoft has added a new Group Policy for Windows 10 that gives you control over the various settings pages in the Windows Settings app. This Group Policy is still available in Windows 11 and lets you lockdown specific settings pages on your PC. If you are working as a system […]

How to Open Apps with Specific Settings on Windows 11 and 10?

Suppose you want to open an app with specific settings on Windows 11 or 10. Unfortunately, there are no such settings in Windows 11 or 10, which means you’ll need to take the help of a third-party tool. AutoActions is such an application that allows changing settings for apps automatically. It is a portable app […]

Absolute Uninstaller: A Free Software to Bulk Uninstall Programs and Microsoft Store Apps for Windows 11/10

Glarysoft has launched several tools for Windows operating systems. Earlier, we provided details about Glary Utilities, an all-in-one cleaning tool. In this gearupwindows article, we will cover the handy tool Absolute Uninstaller. This small utility helps uninstall unwanted programs, applications, and software quickly. Glarysoft Absolute Uninstaller for Windows 11 and 10 If you have installed […]

Best Free Clock Screen Savers for Windows 11 and 10

The screensaver is a computer program that fills your display screen with patterns, photos, or a video when your computer is idle for a specific time. It is an old technology but still valid. It can make your computer screen colorful when kept inactive and protect privacy by hiding your desktop screen when you are […]

Password Folder: A Freeware to Add Password on your Folder in Windows 11 or 10

Do you need a folder password protector for Windows 11 or 10? By default, Windows 11 or 10 does not allow to protect a folder with a password. That means you need to take the help of a freeware tool. There is so much folder password software on the internet; they are either free or […]

Wise Care 365: A Free Windows App To Optimize System Performance

If you are suffering from the slow performance of your computer, you should check out an app called Wise Care 365. This program is from the WiseCleaner that has made the free Wise Registry Cleaner. The Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one utility that includes PC checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune-up, Privacy Protector, and System Monitor. […]

Auto Start Tool: Allows to Automatically Launch an App or Script after logging in to Windows 11

Auto Start Tool is a portable freeware specially designed to simplify the process of automatically launching an app or script when you log in to Windows 11 PC. It offers three different methods for autostart, including Task Scheduler, Startup folder, and Registry run key. That means, using this application, you can schedule a task, put […]