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Under Freeware, you can find several free applications related to Windows.

6 Best Free Windows 11 & 10 Repair Tools

A lot of freeware applications are available using that you can fix your Windows 11/10 errors. Due to some mistakes, drivers, system services, or Windows updates stuck; the tools mentioned in this gearupwindows may help you fix the issues. It is hard to pinpoint the actual cause when your PC starts showing problems. Manually fixing […]

BeWidgets: A Freeware Tool to Add Widgets on Windows 11

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a widgets feature back similar to the “News and Interests” element that remains available on Windows 10 Taskbar. When you hover the mouse over its icon on Windows 11 Taskbar, it opens a pop-up on the left side of the screen. It displays widgets for news, weather, traffic information, finance, […]

Get Old Context Menus Back in Windows 11 using “Win11 Classic Context Menu”

Windows 11 comes with a new right-click context menu for File Explorer. It is totally different than what we have seen in Windows 10 and earlier Windows operating systems. To see the old context menu in Windows 11, you need to click “Show more options” at the bottom of the modern context menu. If you […]

Grammarly Writing Tool Review: Free Online Writing Assistant

Whether you are a researcher, academic researcher, writer, copywriter, or content writer, Grammarly software is one of the essential writing tools you should have. Quality writing should be free from grammatical errors, punctuation, and plagiarism, and only Grammarly can ensure all these qualities in your content. While writing content or researching, making your paper 100 […]

Free Tools for Windows 11/10 to Find What Files and Folders are Taking up Hard Drive Space

Do you ever think about what occupies all your hard drive space? Hard drive space is usually filled with high-quality software, games, audio, video, and other media files. The improved high-quality software and media files require more space for storage with the increasing period. You may have substantial hard drive space for your system, but […]

5 Free File Copy Tools for Windows 11/10

If you are an IT person or use a computer in your daily life, you may need to copy or transfer a file regularly, and file copy tools can help you do so. In addition, you may need to move files in laptops or desktops from one location to another, and the free file copy […]

Best Keystroke Encryption Software to Protect Against Keyloggers

New malware and ransomware are being created and released every day, and the antivirus software cannot protect your PC 100 percent from everything. Sometimes the antivirus analysts take a few days to test the new sample, and then they add it to the list of the latest virus definitions. Within this analysis time frame, the […]

How to Download and Use Anydesk Remote Access Application for Windows 11/10?

A lot of free remote access applications are available in the market, and Anydesk is one of them. Anydesk is free for personal use. However, you need to purchase a license for professional use after 14 days of trial. Anydesk for Windows 11/10 As mentioned above, Anydesk is a freeware application to gain or provide […]

Free Remote Access Software for Providing Online Support

The users of one computer can connect to a different locations computer than their own using the remote access software. From anywhere, the user, by using an internal network, can interact with their client’s desktop at work. With the help of free remote access software, they can work smoothly as if the users are sitting […]

Battery Mode: A Free Battery Manager for Windows 11/10

On a Windows 10 PC, it was easy to choose between three different presets:” Better Battery,” “Balanced,” and “Best Performance.” However, in Windows 11, these options are still present, but you need to go through the Settings app. Because on a Windows 11 computer, the battery icon is combined with the network and volume icon. […]