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How to Open the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) in Windows 11/10/8/7?

Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is a built-in feature of the Windows operating system that enables administrator account to control what the other users are allowed to do in their machine. You can control almost every aspect of Windows PC using Group Policy, including sign-in and shutdown processes, settings, usage of apps. In this gearupwindows […]

How to Replace Default Action of Shut Down Dialog (Alt+F4) in Windows 10?

+ is a useful shortcut key to close opened applications or documents on Windows PC. When an application is opened on Windows Desktop, pressing the ALT + F4 keys simultaneously, you can close them. If no windows are opened, you can bring up the “Shut down” dialog box by pressing the ALT +F4 shortcut. Clicking […]

How to Enable or Disable Push To Install (Remote Installation of Apps) on Windows 10?

On June 6, 2018, Microsoft added a new service, “Push To Install,” to the Microsoft Store. This feature called “Install on my devices” allows you to remotely install apps you own with your Microsoft account from the Microsoft Store to any of your Windows 10 devices that you also use the same Microsoft account to […]

How to view and manage Camera Settings in Windows 10?

If you are using a laptop or notebook, you can access its settings on Windows 10. The built-in camera for PC is mainly used for video calling. In contrast, a smartphone camera can be used for several purposes, for instance, capture photos, videos, video calling, QR code scanning, scanning of documents, and so on. The […]

How to configure “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” in Windows 11 or 10 to increase download speeds?

By default, Microsoft reserves the right to limit network bandwidth by 80% to accommodate system activities. You have the power to change this setting if you need to. Have you heard about limit reservable bandwidth in Windows 11/10? In Windows 11/10, you speed up download speed up to 20 percent; whether you are using the […]

How to remove the Lock option from Windows 10/8/7 Start Menu?

You can find the Lock option in all versions of Windows, including Win 10, Win 8, and Win 7. You can access the Lock option in the Start Menu or Start Screen to lock your computer. If you are doing some urgent work on your PC and want to leave your PC for a few […]

How to Restrict or Lock Start Menu Layout from being Changed in Windows 11/10?

With the launch of Windows 11/10, the Start button and the traditional Start Menu are back but has more customization possibilities than it ever has been before. One can add or remove tiles, resize the start menu, change the start menu color, etc. After customizing and organizing the Start Menu, you might want to lock […]

How to prevent Users from changing Theme in Windows 10/8/7?

One can easily install a new theme (.deskthemepack file) or change a theme in Windows 10/8/7. One can install a new theme on your PC by just double-clicking on a .deskthempack file. If you have a customized theme on your PC and want to prevent others from changing your favorite theme, you can restrict Theme […]

How to enable or disable Printing in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?

With the default configuration, Microsoft Edge allows users to print web content that includes webpages, documents, PDF files, etc. In other words, you can print any document through the Microsoft Edge browser; it does not prohibit users from taking a print of any document. By default, this feature is enabled for all users; however, if […]

How to apply Windows 10 Local Group Policy settings to specific users?

Local Group Policy Editor is a useful console of the Windows 10 operating system that lets you customize advanced system settings to system administrators and tech-savvy users. With the help of the Local Group Policy Editor, you can apply specific administrative policies for all users at a time. The only caveat using this Microsoft Management […]