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How to Disable Laptop Internal Keyboard on Windows 11?

If your laptop keyboard is too small to type, the keyboard is broken, or due to some reason, you want to disable the laptop’s built-in keyboard on Windows 11, this gearupwindows article will guide you. Once you disable the laptop’s internal keyboard, you can connect an external keyboard to type fast. In this post, we […]

How to Enable or Disable Touch keyboard Typing Sound in Windows 11?

The Touch keyboard on a Windows 11 allows you to type in any program when the physical keyboard is not working properly. You can use your finger to type like a mobile if you have a touch screen Windows device. This keyboard comes with all the keys you usually see on a physical keyboard. Although […]

How to Allow or Prevent Touch Keyboard from showing Period after Double-Tapping the Spacebar on Windows 11?

By default, when you double-tap the Spacebar on your Touch keyboard on Windows 11, it shows a Period or Full-stop in the sentence. However, if you want to prevent the Touch keyboard from showing a period after double-tapping the Spacebar, this gearupwindows article will guide you. You can quickly turn off or disable this function […]

How to Allow or Disallow Touch Keyboard from Capitalizing the First Letter of Each Sentence in Windows 11?

By default, when you start typing on any program using the Windows 11 Touch keyboard, it capitalizes the first letter automatically. However, if you want to stop the Touch keyboard from capitalizing the first letter of each sentence in Windows 11, this gearupwindows article will guide you. There are at least two ways to prevent […]

How to Add Touch Keyboard to Taskbar in Windows 11?

How do I add the keyboard to the taskbar in Windows 11? Windows 11 comes with a Touch Keyboard feature that remains turned off by default. You can use this touch keyboard on a computer or laptop, which is not a touch screen. It is a handy application if your physical keyboard is totally not […]

How to open On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

On-Screen Keyboard is a part of the Windows operating system since Windows Vista, and it continues to Windows 10. Windows 10 ships with a dedicated touch keyboard; still, most users don’t need to use the on-screen keyboard. However, for some reason, if your physical keyboard is not working, you would like to use the on-screen […]

How to Turn Off Sound of On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10?

Windows 10 ships with an On-Screen keyboard that makes a sound for every keypress. This handy feature is especially for those who need assistance but maybe annoying because the sound can interrupt your work. Even other nearby people may be disturbed by the keyboard sound. Now, there are two options for you, either plug in […]

How to Insert Emojis in Files and Folders Names in Windows 11/10?

Every Windows machine allows creating a file and folder with a unique name. It also allows to rename a file or folder name, and it is straightforward; right-click on file or folder and select Rename option, set the desired name, that all! Also, when you create a file or folder, Windows automatically names it; for […]

How to Open Right-Click Context Menu in Windows 10 with a Key Press?

How to right-click without a mouse on a computer or laptop? Those who prefer to use a keyboard shortcut to bring up right-click context menu can hold down the SHIFT key and then press F10. But using the SHIFT + F10 keyboard shortcut is not much fast when you need to access the right-click menu […]

Is it possible to disable Laptop Internal Keyboard on Windows 10?

Recently I purchased a new laptop and noticed that its inbuilt keyboard is too small to type. The manufacturer has made the keyboards smaller so that it is lighter and easy to carry out. But this practice has made typing difficult on laptops compared to on the desktop with an external keyboard. Finally, I decided […]