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How to change the default Downloads folder location in Microsoft Edge browser?

Windows 10 ships with an inbuilt modern browser, the Microsoft Edge. The new Chromium-based Edge browser also follows the same standards as other browsers. Like other browsers, when you download any file or program using the Edge browser, it also has a default Downloads folder location to save the downloaded file. However, with the help […]

How to Disable Proxy on Windows 10 PC?

A local Proxy Server can improve the output of your broadband connection and can even protect against malware infections. Therefore, Microsoft has provided an option to set up Proxy under Windows 10 and an option that can automatically detect the Proxy settings. These proxy settings let the browser know the network address of an intermediary […]

How to manually update the Microsoft Edge browser to its latest version?

Microsoft Edge’s modern browser ships with the Windows 11/10 installation media, and it gets installed automatically during the installation of the operating system. It gets automatically updated with the Windows 11/10 updates. However, due to any reason, it doesn’t get updated automatically, or you want to update the Edge browser manually, it is possible. The […]

Microsoft Edge allows to go back to the previous page using Backspace Key

All of us are familiar with the Backspace Key of a computer/laptop. Backspace Key is used to go back to the previous location in File Explorer and delete the texts in a word processor. This keyboard key is handy for those who prefer to do their work with the keyboard than the mouse. Backspace Key […]

How to install & uninstall themes in the Microsoft Edge browser?

Windows 10 offers a new browser other than Internet Explorer, which is called Microsoft Edge. Customization of the Edge browser is also possible, as we have seen in¬†Google Chrome. Unlike the Chrome browser, the Microsoft Edge browser offers two types of themes: Themes for Edge and themes for websites. Some of the themes have been […]