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How to Change Mouse Pointer Size on Windows 10?

The mouse pointer is an essential feature of every operating system, and Windows 10 is not an exception. Using the mouse cursor, you can quickly navigate the desktop more efficiently. However, if the pointer is too small or too big, you can change the size according to your needs. This gearupwindows article will guide you […]

How to Find Mouse Pointer on Windows 10?

Sometimes you may lose the visual of the mouse cursor on the screen if you constantly use the mouse to navigate Windows 10, especially, when you have a multi-monitor setup. To overcome this problem, Microsoft has included an option in Windows 10 to find the mouse pointer that circles around it when pressing the  key. In […]

How to Download and Install Custom Cursor Theme Packs on Windows 11?

Windows 11 lets you change mouse cursor color and size according to your needs. It comes with a few mouse pointers schemes that you can change if you need. If you are still unhappy with Windows cursor theme packs and want to see new ones, you can download and install a third-party theme pack. Thousands […]

How to Locate Mouse Pointer (Cursor) Location on Windows 11?

Windows 11 uses a standard mouse pointer (also known as cursor), small in size and white in color. However, if you need, you can increase the mouse pointer size and change the color. The default small size is not useful, especially for poor vision people. It may be even worst if you use a widescreen […]

How to Change Mouse Pointer (Cursor) Color and Size in Windows 11?

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 also allows you to change the mouse pointer color and size according to your choice. Many people want to change the cursor size and color due to some reason. If you don’t like the default color and size of the mouse pointers, this gearupwindows article will guide you […]

How to Allow or Prevent Users from changing Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows you to set a custom color for mouse pointers and change mouse pointers without third-party software. If you still don’t like the default mouse pointers, you can download them from other websites. If you share your computer with many people and it may happen other users of your PC changes the mouse pointers […]

Fix Missing Pointers tab in Mouse Properties dialog box on Windows 10

On Windows 10 computer, you can change the mouse pointers through the settings app. Mouse pointers play an important role on a desktop pc. When we move the mouse, mouse pointers move automatically to navigate us, and when the pointer reaches the desired area of the desktop, we perform a mouse click to open the […]

How to disable the Mouse Acceleration on Windows 10?

Various times we encounter an issue with the computer mouse not working properly on Windows 10 machine. Sometimes, the mouse does not respond to the movements made as fluently as it normally does, while sometimes, it just downright freezes. These problems come on Windows 10 when you incorrectly configure the mouse’s acceleration settings. These mouse […]

How to set Custom Color and Size for Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

Microsoft enhances the user experience by adding new features to the Windows 10 operating system. It comes with a black and white mouse pointer/cursor. Most of us use third-party mouse pointers to personalize the Windows 10 experience. If you have installed many mouse pointers, you can change the mouse pointers’ schemes. If you are not […]

How to Change Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

Mouse plays a vital role in desktop computers. Most of us depend upon a mouse to perform various jobs on the desktop computer. If you are bored with the old mouse pointer of Windows 10, you can download a cute set of mouse pointers on your PC. If you love different mouse pointers, download all […]