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How to Mute Individual Browser Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera?

All modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, comes with several features that all users may not know. One of the similar features they carry is a mute individual browser tab. That means all the above-mentioned browsers allow you to mute individual browser tabs in just a few clicks. If you […]

How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Web Browsers on Windows 11/10?

How do I clear the Cache and Cookies in browsers on Windows? When we open any webpage using any browser, it stores the Cache and Cookies of that webpage that help you to open that page faster in the future. These cache and cookies keep increasing on your PC while browsing the internet. After a […]

How to save web pages as PDF on Windows 11?

If you are using Windows 11 and while browsing you come across and nice page and want to save them to read further or share with someone else, it is possible to save that webpage in PDF. Microsoft comes with a built-in printer, Microsoft Print to PDF. That means no need to install a third-party […]

Reopen the Opera browser without losing previous opened Tabs in Windows 11/10

Like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, Opera also lets you reopen or restore the previously opened Tabs in Windows 10. It is a helpful option for those who accidentally close the browser and then try to restore all previous session tabs in the Opera browser. It is also beneficial if you work with so many tabs […]

How to activate the Dark Theme in Opera Browser on Windows 11/10?

The Opera browser comes with a lot of great functions. It has the ability to easily block unwanted ads or also allows to totally block unwanted popups. It is one of the most popular browsers and supports Windows 11/10 operating system too. It is an excellent alternative to Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, as it comes […]

How to Enable or Disable Tab Snooze Feature in Opera?

To save the memory or resources of inactive browser tabs in Microsoft Edge browser, there is a feature available Sleeping Tabs. A similar function is available in the Mozilla Firefox browser that is called Tab Sleep. The Sleeping Tabs or Tab Sleep feature is known as Tab Snooze when it comes to the Opera browser. Although […]

How to Enable or Disable Tab Sleep feature in Firefox browser?

In Edge browser, there is a feature available to save the resources or memory, called Sleeping tabs. There is a similar function available in Mozilla Firefox, called Tab Sleep. This post will guide you on enabling or disabling the Tab Sleep feature in the Firefox browser. When this feature is turned on, Firefox puts inactive tabs […]

How Save Memory in Edge browser with Sleeping Tabs feature?

Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in feature Sleeping Tabs. It is known as “Tab Sleep” in Firefox and “Tab Snooze” in Opera. When this feature is turned on, then Edge puts inactive tabs (that you haven’t accessed for a few minutes) to sleep mode or suspends those tabs to save the memory. That feature is beneficial so that […]

How to change and set your own favorite website as a browser’s Homepage or Startup page?

Many of us visit a few websites frequently and would like to display when opening a browser or clicking the home button. In other words, if you want to open a specific website while opening the browser, it is possible the same. There are no add-ons or a third party required to set the specific […]