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How to Allow Windows to Automatically Manage Page file Size in Windows 11 or 10?

A page file (also known as a “paging file”) is a hidden system file on a hard disk. It enables the system to remove rarely accessed modified pages from physical memory to virtual memory (page file). So that, your Windows system uses physical memory more efficiently for more frequently accessed pages. The paging file is a […]

How to automatically erase the Windows Paging File at Shutdown in Windows 10/8/7?

Apart from Hibernate feature, Microsoft also offers Paging File (pagefile.sys) in Windows 10/8/7 to gear up or speed up Windows PC. A paging file, also known as a page file, is an additional virtual memory when your RAM fills up. Whenever you shut down your computer or power losses, the system’s RAM is always erased; however, […]