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How to open a USB Drive with a Keyboard shortcut?

USB flash drive is very popular due to its size and storage capacity. One can carry a lot of data in a small device without any hassle. It is not only easy to carry, but it is also an easy-to-use device. Just connect to the PC and do your job and simply eject it without […]

How to Create Multiple Partitions on a USB Flash Drive on Windows 10?

USB flash drive (also known as Pen Drive) is a trendy storage device and does not need our introduction. In a tiny-size device, you can handle a lot of data. You can easily share data from one PC to another without doing any networking. Connect to your PC and copy the data from your hard […]

How to create a “Safely Remove Hardware” shortcut in Windows 11/10?

Those who use a USB thumb drive use the Safely Remove Hardware icon each time to remove the thumb drive. Safely Remove Hardware allows you to unplug or disconnect the removable storage to prevent accidental data loss if data were still being copied or saved to or from the device. If you have the removal […]

8 Top Free USB Security Software and Antivirus for Windows 10 PC

USB drives are well-known carriers of viruses and malware. It can easily affect your PC while you connect to your PC. In other words, every time you connect a USB drive to your Windows machine, malware may attack. USB drives are prone to malware because of the Windows OS Autorun feature. Most of us install […]

How to manage AutoPlay settings for Removable Drive and Memory Card on Windows 10?

AutoPlay is a handy feature that lets you quickly open a removable media/memory card, and even it enables you to import files to your PC automatically. In this post, we will show the steps to configure the AutoPlay feature on Windows 10 PC. On Windows 10, the AutoPlay feature lets you decide a default action […]

How to Format USB Drive or Pen Drive in Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7?

Pendrives or USB thumb drives are very popular in our life due to their portability and tiny size. It is beneficial to create a bootable USB flash drive and even a¬†Windows To Go drive for faster Windows installation. If you purchased a new pen drive without formatting, to use it, you have to format it. […]