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Black Notepad: A Free Notepad App with Dark Mode or Black Theme

Although Windows 10 allows users to enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 via the Settings app, it doesn’t change the traditional Notepad app. People who want to use a Notepad app with dark mode or black theme on their Windows 10 PC might be interested in a freeware UWP app Black Notepad. Black Notepad for […]

How to Download and Install UWP apps on Windows 10?

Microsoft had launched a dedicated app store for Windows 8, and it continues with Windows 10 as well. Although it has not a wide range of software and games compared to Android and IOS, you can access many popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush, etc., from the Microsoft Store. Store apps […]

WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows) UWP app for Windows 10

We all want to keep our Windows and apps update. Updates may come with bug fixes, improvements, and sometimes new features. The Update Manager for Windows, also known as WuMgr, is a free and small application that allows users to manage Windows updates in Windows 10. It is better than the Settings app when it […]

How to Speed Up Windows 10 by Putting Programs to Sleep?

Windows 10 allows UWP (Universal Windows Program) apps to run in the background even if they are not started or do not use them. That feature enables UWP apps to receive information, send notifications, and stay updated when an update is available. Although this is a useful feature to run apps in the background, these […]

How to Install, Uninstall, Update and Manage UWP Apps on Windows 10?

Those who have recently upgraded his/her PC to Windows 10 might wonder how to manage the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps that come pre-installed and how to download them from the Microsoft Store? UWP apps are those which come preinstalled on Windows 10 or downloaded from Microsoft Store. It can not be removed or installed […]

How to Stop UWP Apps from Running in the Background in Windows 10?

Windows 10 ships with a few UWP or Universal Windows Platform apps, and also you can download various new UWP app from the Microsoft Store. It works differently from the traditional Win32 apps, but traditional classical apps and UWP apps are the same by nature. Like the regular Win32 apps, these UWP apps drain your […]