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WiFinian allows you to Easily Control Wi-Fi Connections on your Windows 11/10

When you turn on your PC WiFi, if multiple Wi-Fi connections are available in your area, you need to know which one to connect, depending on the strength and speed of the Wi-Fi. Although Windows 11 Wi-Fi app works perfectly for most users, if you want some advanced features, you should try Wifinian. WiFinian for […]

How to Delete or Forget a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 11?

All modern Windows laptops carry an inbuilt WiFi adapter. If not, you can purchase an external WiFi card and connect it to your PC for wireless networking. When you connect to a WiFi network, Windows 11 allows you to save the WiFi password and SSID so that it can automatically reconnect when you’re within range […]

How to Reset or Reinstall Wi-Fi & Ethernet Network Adapter on Windows 11?

If you have messed up with network adapter settings on Windows 11 and want to reset or reinstall it again, this gearupwindows article will help you to do it. Windows 11 offers an easy method to reset all network adapters (including WiFi and Ethernet) settings to their default state. After you perform the network resetting, […]

How to Enable or Disable Random Hardware Addresses in Windows 11 or 10?

When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi but Wi-Fi is enabled on your Windows 11 or 10 computer, your PC periodically sends signals for Wi-Fi networks in the area to help you get connected. That signal contains the unique physical hardware address (also known as MAC address) of your device. In some places where Wi-Fi is […]

How to Transfer Files Between Two Computers Using Wi-Fi in Windows 11?

File transfer between two computers is probably one of the most straightforward tasks. By referring to this post, you can quickly transfer any file from one computer to another. You can accomplish this task using built-in WiFi, which means there is no need for a USB or Ethernet. A built-in Wi-Fi adapter is sufficient to […]

How to Transfer Files between Two Windows 11 PCs with Bluetooth?

Do you want to transfer files between Windows PCs? Although you can transfer your files using a USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive, it is time-consuming. Bluetooth is the best and convenient way to connect to nearby devices for sharing files wirelessly. This is handy if you don’t have any other media […]

How to Enable Nearby Sharing in Windows 11?

By default, the Nearby sharing feature remains turn off, and you need to turn it on. The Nearby Sharing functionality of Windows 11 enables you to share documents, photos links to websites, and more with nearby devices by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, you can transfer files from one PC to another by uploading the […]

How to Turn On or Turn Off Wi-Fi in Windows 11?

WiFi is one of the preferred methods for Windows users to connect to the internet. If your computer or laptop includes a Wi-Fi adapter, you can instantly connect to the internet using any WiFi connectivity of a router or smartphone. It is so simple, turn on the WiFi hotspot on your mobile phone and, using […]