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How to Use Google Fonts in Microsoft Word on Windows 11/10?

Microsoft Office application includes a lot of fonts. However, if you want to use a specific font on the Microsoft Word program on Windows 11/10 PC, it is also possible. Google Fonts aren’t limited to the web, which means you can download and use them on any other supported apps such as Microsoft Word. In […]

How to Stop Windows 11’s Antivirus from Sending Files to Microsoft?

Windows 11 comes with a built-in antivirus that is known as Windows Security or Windows Defender. When this antivirus detects any suspicious files, it sends them to Microsoft server so that their security team can analyze and learn more about new threats. By default, Windows built-in antivirus automatically sends samples of suspicious files from your […]

How to Increase Font or Text Size throughout Windows and Apps on Windows 11?

Windows 11 allows performing several tasks without the help of third-party tools. You can zip/unzip files, store up to 25 items in a clipboard, enable text suggestions, view recent searches, and more. Now, in the latest version of Windows 11, you can increase the text size also. If your PC’s default text size is too […]

Advanced Uninstaller PRO: A Perfect Tool to Uninstall Apps, Protect Privacy & Speed up PC

As the name suggests, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is software that helps you to uninstall unnecessary programs from your computer. Using this app, you can uninstall useless software that you no more require. By removing the unwanted applications from your computer, you can speed up your PC and protect your privacy. Although Windows 11/10 comes with […]

How to Restart File Explorer Quickly on Windows 11/10?

File Explorer was known as Windows Explorer on Windows 7. Starting Windows 8, Microsoft has renamed Windows Explorer to File Explorer, and it is known on Windows 11 with the same name (File Explorer). I couldn’t understand yet when it was known as Windows Explorer in the earlier version of Windows; why it is renamed […]

How to Uninstall or Remove Windows Media Player from Windows 11?

How do I eliminate Windows Media Player for Windows 11? A lot of media players are available for Windows PC, and rarely any Windows users use Windows Media Player these days. However, Microsoft is still providing Windows Media Player on Windows 11. Fortunately, this is now in the optional features list that means you can […]

How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Web Browsers on Windows 11/10?

How do I clear the Cache and Cookies in browsers on Windows? When we open any webpage using any browser, it stores the Cache and Cookies of that webpage that help you to open that page faster in the future. These cache and cookies keep increasing on your PC while browsing the internet. After a […]

How to Turn On or Turn Off Text Suggestions in Windows 11?

How do I enable or disable text suggestions in Windows 11? Among several features of Windows 11, Text suggestion is one of the best functionality that you might want to turn on. It is a built-in feature on Windows 11 that gives your typing experience a notable change. The major advantage of this application is […]