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How to Enable or Disable Lock Screen Background Picture on Sign-in Screen in Windows 11?

By default, after starting your computer, you see a lock screen background picture before the sign-in screen that you need to dismiss, and then you can log in to Windows. Also, when your Windows 11 PC is locked, you’ll see a lock screen with a background image. When you start your computer and press the […]

How to Enable or Disable Reserved Storage in Windows 11?

Reserved storage is a feature of the Windows 11 operating system that stores a part of the internal hard disk as a reserve to use by Windows temporary files, caches, and other files. This reserves storage facilitates your machine to run with proper performance and successful updates of your device. Windows 11 automatically clears the […]

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11/10?

By default, Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled as the default web browser in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Although Edge browser comes with several features and meets most user needs, most Windows users do not love using it and want to get rid of it. Unluckily when you try to uninstall Microsoft Edge using either Control Panel […]

How to Disable Command Prompt in Windows 11?

We are all familiar with Windows Command Prompt, which is used to execute several standard and administrative commands to perform various tasks. By using the command prompt, you can achieve similar functions as you are doing with a keyboard and mouse, but without the graphical interface. Due to security reasons, if you want to turn […]