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Convert Folders and ZIP to ISO in Windows 11/10 using AnyToISO

ISO is a well-known file format, and many software developers use it to distribute their software. In a single image file, you can keep the entire content of a CD, DVD, or any other external drive. Isn’t it good? Suppose you have 40GB of data that you want to share with your friend or family. […]

How to Change a User Account to Administrator on Windows 11/10?

How do I change a user account to the administrator on Windows 11/10? When you perform a clean install to Windows 11, Microsoft insists you create a cloud account. Most Windows users sign up with an online Microsoft account or create a new Microsoft account during the installation of Windows 11. Once the Windows setup […]

How to Disable and Remove OneDrive from Windows 11?

Microsoft OneDrive comes preinstalled with Windows 11 that backup your photos and files to the cloud. It keeps syncing and accessible on all your other devices connected to your OneDrive account. That means if you open your OneDrive account on any other computer, you can access your photos and files from there. While this is […]

How to Disable Control Panel and Settings in Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with a modern Settings app that allows users to perform various tasks, including adjusting screen resolutions, checking for updates, personalizing Windows themes, setting lock screen, adding /removing devices, etc. That means you can perform a lot of basic and administrative tasks using the Settings app. Although the Settings app was introduced with […]

How to Quickly Enable or Disable Windows 11/10 Update?

Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 11 preview build to the Insiders with a lot of new features and upgrades over its predecessor. However, there is no straightforward way to stop or turn off the automatic updates in Windows 11. So if you want to stop your Windows 11 from getting updated, you might prefer […]