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Modem/Router/WiFi connected to PC but no Internet, what to do?

It’s often a frustrating moment when you’re connected to a router/modem/WiFi with your Windows PC, and there is no internet. It may happen with anyone, even with me. Today, my brother called up and said that his internet is not working by any means. He used a different modem/router and even tried with WiFi, but […]

Wise Force Deleter: Delete stubborn file that Windows can’t

Many times Windows PC refuse to delete a file. It may happen due to various reasons like file/folder corrupted, affected with virus/malware, and another process uses the file, etc. When you try to delete a file, it may refuse with the following error messages:- Cannot delete file: Access is denied. There has been a sharing […]

How to enable or disable the Administrator account in Windows 11 or 10?

With the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft has disabled the default Administrator account, and it continues to Windows 11 and 10. Even in Windows 11/10, the default Administrative account is disabled by Microsoft. If you want to enable the Administrator account for any reason, this guide will help you do the same. How to enable […]

Wondershare Recoverit – A free Data Recovery tool to scan and recover lost data

If you have accidentally deleted some important files or folders from your computer or have lost important files/folders in a system crash, there is no need to worry. Deleted files still remain on the disk and can be recovered even if replaced by newer files. Data Recovery tools are helpful in case you have deleted […]

IObit Uninstaller: Clean & Light your Windows 11/10 PC

It is the Windows operating system’s nature to automatically slow down after using it for a few days. It may be because of various reasons, e.g., Software installation, Corrupt Registry files, many programs running simultaneously, many startup programs, too many add-ons on the browser, Rogue programs installed, dirty hard disk, etc. One of the major […]

Npackd: Install or Uninstall or Update Multiple Software on a Computer at once

Ninite is a freeware browser-based app that lets you install or update multiple software at once. It is beneficial for those who have installed a fresh Windows or reinstalled the Windows operating system and have many tasks to perform. Once OS installation is completed, you will try to install your favorite apps from the internet. […]

Download desktop gadgets and sidebar for Windows 11 / 10 / 8

Desktop Gadgets were introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista and were obliterated in Windows 8. For the replacement of Gadgets, Microsoft has introduced Tiles and calls it Modern apps. If you are one of those, who are missing a desktop gadget in Windows 10, you can follow this post to get the same. Windows Desktop […]

How to automatically hide desktop icons on Windows 11/10?

A bunch of customization is possible on Windows 11/10 desktop. You can resize the desktop icons by pressing Ctrl + mouse wheel scrolling. There are also options on Windows 11/10 to hide all the desktop icons. By default, on Windows 11/10 desktop, the Recycle Bin icon remained missing and was added through the Personalization section. […]

How to enable Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) on Windows 11/10/8/7 Home Edition?

You might already know that Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is only available in Windows Professional and Enterprise editions. That means Group Policy Editor is not available in Windows 11/10/8/7 Home Edition. There are several tweaks possible through Group Policy Editor, e.g., you stop or delay automatic updates on Windows 11/10 using gpedit.msc. Several tweaks are possible […]

How to Create and Use System Restore on Windows 11/10?

System Restore feature of Windows 11/10 works like a time machine that allows you to undo system changes that may be causing problems. System Restore feature of Windows 11/10 is designed to create a snapshot of your device on a specific date and time to restore your Windows operating system to a working state. If […]