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Fix: Mapped Network Drive not Showing in Windows 11 or 10

Mapping a network drive is basically creating a shortcut for that drive on another computer or in another location. In other words, mapping allows you to create a new drive letter for a folder, giving you access to it just like other computer drives. Generally, Windows users map the shared folder if they want permanent […]

Free Bloatware Removal Utility for Windows 11 and 10

Bloatware Removal Utility is a free and open-source application that allows you to uninstall or remove pre-installed and third-party apps with the help of Windows PowerShell. Using this tool, you can quickly remove pre-installed apps from Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Windows 11 and 10 come with a lot of unwanted apps, such as 3D […]

How to Prevent Windows 11/10 from Creating the Thumbs.db Thumbnail Cache Files?

Thumbs.db is a hidden system file that File Explorer automatically generates in all folders containing image and video files. File Explorer creates thumbnails of the pictures in the directory and saves them to the thumbs.db file so that Windows Explorer doesn’t need to create thumbnails cache every time the user browses the folder. Next time […]

Password Folder: A Freeware to Add Password on your Folder in Windows 11 or 10

Do you need a folder password protector for Windows 11 or 10? By default, Windows 11 or 10 does not allow to protect a folder with a password. That means you need to take the help of a freeware tool. There is so much folder password software on the internet; they are either free or […]

How to Add or Remove “Lid close action” from Power Options in Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7?

The “Lid close action” option in Power Options Control Panel item lets users specify the default action to take when the laptop lid is closed. From this option, you can set one of the actions to take: do nothing, sleep, hibernate, or shut down. But some Windows 11 users reported that this option is missing […]

How to Open Device Manager in Windows 10, 8 and 7?

There are plenty of reasons to open Device Manager in Windows, but it’s usually too used to troubleshoot some problem with your computer’s hardware. You might update device drivers, adjust system resources, find Device Manager error codes, or even check in on a device’s status; you’ll need to open Device Manager. The Device Manager has […]

DiskGenius: Free Partition Manager and Data Recovery Application for Windows 11/10

DiskGenius (earlier known as PartitionGuru) is a free Partition Manager and Data Recovery software for Windows computers. It is an all-in-one application that helps you manage your disk partitions and recover deleted files that have even been emptied from the Recycle Bin. DiskGenius for Windows 11/10 The DiskGenius comes with a simple interface, and you […]

Eraser: A Free Security Tool to Remove Sensitive Data from Windows 11 & 10

If you save sensitive data on your computer, you should use a good sanitization tool so that your deleted data can not be recovered from your hard disk. Many free applications are available to permanently delete files from your PC so that they can not be recovered using any third-party software. Eraser for Windows 11/10 […]

AskAdmin: Allows you to Restrict Applications and Folders on Windows 11/10

If you regularly share your PC with your friends or family members and might want to restrict their access to some programs, then AskAdmin may be the correct choice. This application allows you to block programs, services, and files from other users on your PC. AskAdmin for Windows 11/10 AskAdmin is free and portable software […]

Free Tools for Windows 11/10 to Find What Files and Folders are Taking up Hard Drive Space

Do you ever think about what occupies all your hard drive space? Hard drive space is usually filled with high-quality software, games, audio, video, and other media files. The improved high-quality software and media files require more space for storage with the increasing period. You may have substantial hard drive space for your system, but […]