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Eraser: A Free Security Tool to Remove Sensitive Data from Windows 11 & 10

If you save sensitive data on your computer, you should use a good sanitization tool so that your deleted data can not be recovered from your hard disk. Many free applications are available to permanently delete files from your PC so that they can not be recovered using any third-party software. Eraser for Windows 11/10 […]

AskAdmin: Allows you to Restrict Applications and Folders on Windows 11/10

If you regularly share your PC with your friends or family members and might want to restrict their access to some programs, then AskAdmin may be the correct choice. This application allows you to block programs, services, and files from other users on your PC. AskAdmin for Windows 11/10 AskAdmin is free and portable software […]

Permadelete: An open source file shredding app for the Windows 11/10

When we delete a file or folder from our Windows operating system, it gets stored in Recycle Bin. When we empty the Recycle Bin, then these files/folders get erased from our computer. But, what, is it unrecoverable? Our answer is No, and it can be recovered using a third-party recovery tool like MiniTool Power Data […]

Free Tools to Permanently Delete Files and Prevent Data Recovery in Windows 11/10

In Windows 11, if the user permanently deletes files even from the Recycle bin, still it’s possible to recover the file using the recovery tools. The files are entirely possible to recover as long as the deletion of the file and recovery attempt doesn’t get overwritten. The files are likely to recover because windows never […]

Evolution of Microsoft Windows from Windows 1 to Windows 11

Microsoft Corporation developed an operating system for the computer named Microsoft Windows, Windows OS, or Windows. The team created this operating system to run personal computers (PCs). At present, the windows operating system is dominated the personal computers markets, and approximately 90 percent of PCs in the world use some Windows version. Evolution of Microsoft […]

ClocX: A Free Clock Widget for Windows 11/10

If you seek a beautiful clock widget for the Windows 11/10 operating system, then ClocX may be the right choice. ClocX is a free clock widget software for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. It enables you to use an analog clock widget on the top of your desktop. […]

How to Show Day of Week in Windows 11/10 Taskbar Clock?

By default, Windows 11/10 doesn’t add the day of the week (for example, Sunday, Monday, etc.) to the taskbar clock. To see weekdays, you need to click on the taskbar clock, then the Calendar flyout opens. Here, you can see the day in the calendar. But what if you want to show the weekday on […]

Free ISO Creator: A tool to create ISO image from your files and folders

Folder2iso is a freeware program available for Windows operating systems that helps you convert a folder to an ISO image. The limitation of this software is that it only allows you to convert a folder to ISO and nothing else. If you want more features apart from folder to ISO, then “Free ISO Creator” maybe […]

PDF Mixer – Free Program to Mix, Reorder and Create PDF Files

PDF Mixer is an innovative program that does a lot of PDF work. Using this software, you can mix pages from multiple PDF files into one PDF. It allows you to reorder, copy, rotate, delete, switch and merge PDF pages. It does not stop here. There are multiple utilities available under this tool. Using a […]

Forgot PDF Password? Unlock it with Free PDF Password Remover!

A few options are available on Windows 11/10 to remove the password from a PDF document if you remember that. To unprotect your PDF, you can use the built-in “Microsoft Print to PDF” tool, or even you can remove the password from a PDF using Edge or Chrome browser. But, the problem is that what […]