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ClocX: A Free Clock Widget for Windows 11/10

If you seek a beautiful clock widget for Windows 11/10 operating system, then ClocX may be the right choice. ClocX is a free clock widget software for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. It enables you to use an analog clock widget on the top of your desktop. By […]

How to Show Day of Week in Windows 11/10 Taskbar Clock?

By default, Windows 11/10 doesn’t add the day of the week (for example, Sunday, Monday, etc.) to the taskbar clock. To see weekdays, you need to click on the taskbar clock, then the Calendar flyout opens. Here, you can see the day in the calendar. But what if you want to show the weekday on […]

Free ISO Creator: A tool to create ISO image from your files and folders

Folder2iso is a freeware program available for Windows operating systems that helps you convert a folder to an ISO image. The limitation of this software is that it only allows you to convert a folder to ISO and nothing else. If you want more features apart from folder to ISO, then “Free ISO Creator” maybe […]

PDF Mixer – Free Program to Mix, Reorder and Create PDF Files

PDF Mixer is an innovative program that does a lot of PDF work. Using this software, you can mix pages from multiple PDF files into one PDF. It allows you to reorder, copy, rotate, delete, switch and merge PDF pages. It does not stop here. There are multiple utilities available under this tool. Using a […]

Forgot PDF Password? Unlock it with Free PDF Password Remover!

A few options are available on Windows 11/10 to remove the password from a PDF document if you remember that. To unprotect your PDF, you can use the built-in “Microsoft Print to PDF” tool, or even you can remove the password from a PDF using Edge or Chrome browser. But, the problem is that what […]

SysInfo Shows Detailed PC Specs and Monitors Real-Time Hardware Temperature

Have you purchased a new computer want to see all the hardware components? When you purchase a new computer or upgrade an old PC, you should review the hardware. IObit has launched new software that is called SysInfo. Many applications are available on the market to view the PC specs in detail, for instance, Speccy. […]

IObit Uninstaller Software now Adds Supports for Windows 11

The famous uninstaller software from IObit now officially supports Windows 11 operating system. IObit Uninstaller is a freeware tool that helps you completely erase or uninstall unwanted software from your PC. When we say clean uninstall of an application, the Windows operating system does not offer much control. While we uninstall a desktop program from […]

Hardwipe: A Free Data Sanitization Tool for Windows 11/10

Have you planned to sold-out an old hard disk or USB flash drive? How do I sanitize the hard disk on Windows 11? If you have planned to sell out a hard disk or USB flash drive, you should clean its data from a professional tool. Windows 11/10 also lets you delete a file from […]

SecretFolder: Free Folder Locker For Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 offers a lot of features, including hiding a file or folder. But there is no way to lock the individual folders with passwords. Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 come with the BitLocker Drive Encryption feature, but it is not suitable to lock individual folders. Now, what to do to lock a folder […]

How to Block Websites on Chrome?

Do you want to apply parental controls to protect your children from seeing certain websites? You might also want to block some websites, for instance, Facebook, while you work. Chrome browser comes with a built-in feature that is called SafeSearch to block websites. Turning on SafeSearch on Chrome, you can hide all explicit contents, like […]