ClockSaver is a free screensaver for Mac that displays the time in a digital clock format with customizable colors and fonts. This screensaver is an excellent option for anyone who wants a simple and elegant way to keep track of the time on their Mac.

ClockSaver is easy to download and install. Simply go to the developer’s website, download the installation file, and follow the instructions to install the screensaver on your Mac. Once installed, you can select ClockSaver as your default screensaver in the System Preferences menu.

One of the best features of ClockSaver is its customization options. You can choose from various clock styles, including digital, analog, and binary, and customize the font and color of the clock display. This allows you to personalize the screensaver to your own taste and preferences.

ClockSaver is also highly customizable when it comes to its behavior. You can choose whether the screensaver should activate after a certain amount of time of inactivity or whether it should be activated manually. You can also choose how long the screensaver should be active before the computer goes to sleep and whether or not it should require a password to unlock the computer.

Another great feature of ClockSaver is its ability to display additional information alongside the clock. For example, you can choose to display the date, day of the week, or even the weather forecast. This makes ClockSaver not only a stylish way to keep track of time but also a useful tool for staying informed.

In summary, ClockSaver is a customizable and stylish screensaver for Mac that displays the time in a digital clock format. With its variety of clock styles, font, and color options, and additional information displays, ClockSaver is a great way to personalize your Mac and stay informed. If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use screensaver that combines style and functionality, ClockSaver is definitely worth checking out.

Download ClockSaver

You can download ClockSaver from

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