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DiskTuna: Free Defrag and Optimization Tool for Window PC

Defragmentation is a process in the maintenance of file systems that reduces the degree of fragmentation. The defragmenting process physically organizes the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments, extents). It also attempts to create larger regions of free space using compaction to block the return of fragmentation during the process. For example, some defragmentation utilities like UltraDefrag ties in to keep smaller files within a single directory together, as they are often accessed in sequence.

In other words, Disk Defragmentation is the process of joining fragmented data on a volume or hard disk so that it will work more efficiently. Over time you save, edit, or delete files from the hard disk, and your hard disk gets fragmented. When you store data on the hard disk, it is stored more haphazardly than the original file. After using a laptop or computer for a little time, both the file and the volume itself get fragmented, and it slows down as it has to work harder to find a single file in different places.


DiskTuna is a freeware software that lets you defrag and optimize your computer’s hard drive, thus increasing performance and boosting your Windows computer’s overall speed. There is no issue with the built-in Disk Defragmenter tool, but some prefer a third-party tool freeware tool to get more.

DiskTuna is a safe and reliable application as it uses the official Windows Defrag API to move around files. It features safe mode, boot defrag explorer integration, scheduling tasks, and a lot more. This software only runs when you want it to as it does not install any background services or other crapware that slows the system down.

DiskTuna features

  1. Defragmentation: Arranges fragmented files into adjacent areas.
  2. Optimization: Orders commonly accessed files into the fastest region of the hard disk. It also defrags fragmented files and packs files together access quickly that improves Windows startup times.
  3. Compact: Packs files together to prevent fragmentation in the future.
  4. Explorer integration: It integrates itself in right-click context menu that lets you defrag drive or folder by just right-clicking it in Explorer.
  5. VSS safe-mode: It does not cause excessive growth and deletion of shadow copies.
  6. It monitors the hard disk temperature and pauses when disk temp gets too high. When the temperature is normalized, it will start to continue the job where it left.
  7. It checks the volume state before defragging.
  8. Safe to use: It Uses Windows defrag API for actual file moves.
  9. It can also defrag/move the MFT (In the NTFS file system, all the file details are stored as metadata in the Master File Table known as MFT. DiskTuna lets you optimize this MFT for the most reliable performance of the hard disk.)
  10. It also includes a boot optimization feature to utilize the Windows layout.ini file.

Final Opinion on DiskTuna

DiskTuna is a complete solution for HDD optimization and defragmentation. Although you need defragmenting your HDD once or twice a month, if you don’t prefer to use the built-in disk defrag tool, DiskTuna freeware would be the right choice for you. It comes with a simple and easy user GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that a novice can also operate it.

Download DiskTuna

You can grab this free utility from its official website.

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