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Download GClean 2022 or Google Clean Full Version Free for Windows 11 or 10

Most Windows 11 and 10 users use either Google Chrome or Google search engine or both. However, a few users know that Google collects your personal data through the Chrome browser. If you are a privacy concerned user, you can try GClean” (formerly “GoogleClean“). This is a paid application, but for a limited period, the developer is offering it for free as a part of the giveaway.

GClean 2022 for Windows 11 and 10

A Windows tool called “GClean” (formerly “GoogleClean”) lets you easily remove web history and search history from Google Chrome, preventing the transmission of sensitive information to Google and the creation of user profiles.

The GClean sets up your Windows automatically, your browser, and all Google programs, including Chrome and Google Earth, as well as Google Maps and Gmail, so that no personal information is transmitted to the search engine provider.

Usually, Google’s programs collect data about your user behavior and send it to the manufacturer. For instance, Google knows when you’re online and which websites you visit. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other major browsers are blocked by “GClean,” as well as tracking cookies are cleared. The special YouTube cookies that keep track of your YouTube habits are also very useful in protecting your privacy if you are a YouTube fan. In addition to saving passwords and form data, it offers anti-phishing protection and URL and website content transmissions for Chrome.

You can say that GClean examines the entire computer in search of Google products. Users can disable Google cookies with a click of a button.

A Windows PC can be easily set up with GoogleClean. Just close all open browsers and install this app. The app will ask you to close your browsers if they are already open so it can perform a set of predefined tasks.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you can disable Google Analytics and remove cookies from both Google and YouTube. You can also remove the Google Toolbar, Desktop, and Earth components, as well as the Google Updater.

Free License of GClean 2022

To get a free copy of GClean, just download it on your PC from the giveaway page and install it on your computer. It is pre-activated, so you don’t need a license key.


In conclusion, for Windows 11 and 10 users concerned about their privacy and the collection of personal data by Google, GClean (formerly known as GoogleClean) offers an effective solution. This paid application allows users to easily remove web and search history from Google Chrome, preventing the transmission of sensitive information and the creation of user profiles. By automatically configuring Windows settings and blocking tracking cookies, GClean ensures that no personal information is transmitted to Google. Additionally, it provides anti-phishing protection, URL and website content transmissions for Chrome, and the option to disable Google Analytics and remove cookies from Google and YouTube. With a simple installation process and a current limited-time giveaway, privacy-conscious users can benefit from GClean’s features and safeguard their online privacy.

Update: For a limited period, seize the opportunity to obtain the full version of GClean 2023 (formerly Google Clean) for free in an exclusive giveaway! Safeguard your privacy, prevent data leaks, and take control of your personal information. Don’t miss out—download now and enjoy the complete functionality of GClean 2023 without any cost.

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