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Easy Lock Screen Changer: Customize the Windows 8 Lock Screen and User Profile Image

Windows 10 and 8 come with a Lock Screen feature that can be enabled or disabled according to a user’s choice. One can customize the Lock screen of Windows 10 to display a slideshow. Windows 10 allows changing the Login Screen Background Image with ease. There are so many features on Windows 10, but not in Windows 8. In this post, we will introduce a new UWP app, which is called Easy Lock Screen Changer.

Easy Lock Screen Changer

Easy Lock Screen Changer is a UWP app and is listed on Microsoft Store. Those who are still using Windows 8 will see it as an oppority. It is specially built for Windows 8 PC to change the Lock Screen background automatically. This freeware application automatically adjusts the lock screen background and user profile image every day or at time intervals that you set. Choose a folder of pictures on your computer and select how often you want to update the Lock Screen image on Windows 8. The lock screen and user profile login image can be automatically changed after minutes, hours, days, or weeks you set on the “Easy-Lock Screen Changer.”

Easy Lock Screen Changer is a free app to customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen easily. It is a powerful application to force the lock screen background to change at the specified time. It has a friendly user interface, and minimal options are available so that a novice can also operate it.

To change the Lock Screen of Windows 8, download the app from the Microsoft Store, run it on your PC, select the image folder, select how often it should change the image, and finally click on the Start button. It allows you to change the image after minutes, hours, days, or weeks. Now, press Ctrl + L hotkeys and see a new Lock Screen.

User Profile can be set by clicking on the “Current Profile” icon of this freeware tool. To choose the user profile for your account, click on the “Current Profile” icon, click the back arrow to access PC Settings, and click Privacy. Set the option for “Let apps access my name, picture, and other account info” to “On.” Finally, hit on the Start button to see a new user profile picture on the Lock Screen of Windows 8.

We tried to install and run Easy Lock Screen Changer on Windows 10 PC. In our test, we changed the Lock Screen image; however, I could not change the profile picture. While trying to click on the user profile picture, nothing happened, and I could not select the profile image from our PC. This application is not working on Windows 10 is not an issue because the developer has mentioned the system requirement for Windows 8, and it works fine as advertised. We were able to change the user profile as well as the Lock Screen on Windows 8 machine.

Download Easy Lock Screen Changer

Once you found that Easy Lock Screen Changer is helpful, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

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