Fix: Windows 11 Displays the Wrong Clock Information

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On Windows 11 taskbar bottom right corner, at a glance, you can view the date, day of the week, and a clock. This date and time are not only essential for you; several online services and apps also depend on this to function correctly.

Although Windows 11 maintains the clock information automatically, sometimes your PC may display the wrong date and time for several reasons. For example, your computer lost connectivity with the online servers; the BIOS battery is completely discharged, you have configured the wrong time zone, etc.

The reasons may be many; using built-in options of Windows 11, you can fix incorrect dates and times on your computer.

In this gearupwindows article, we will guide you on how to configure the clock to display the correct date and time on Windows 11.

How to Sync Clock on Windows 11?

To fix the time and date issues on Windows 11, first, you should sync the clock on your Windows 11. For that, use these steps:-

Step 1. Open Windows 11 Settings.

Step 2. Then, click on Time & language in the left sidebar.

Step 3. On the right sidebar, click on the Date & time tile.

Step 4. Here, turn On the toggle switches “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically.”

Step 5. Now, click the Sync now button under the “Additional settings” section.

Once you complete the above steps, Windows 11 will start displaying the correct clock and date information.

That’s it.

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