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Free Download Manager: A powerful modern download accelerator and organizer for Windows 10/8/7

If you are using the default download manager of browsers to download a large file from the internet, it is high time to switch to a download manager.

Why do we need to switch to a download manager?

Imagine that you are in the process of downloading an 8GB movie file using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and you experience a sudden internet connection drop after completing the download of 7.99GB, or your PC unexpectedly shuts down or restarts. Unfortunately, the entire file becomes corrupt, and you have to redownload it again, which can be a frustrating situation. You did not make any mistakes, but you lost approximately 8GB of data, which cannot be recovered using any tool. To avoid this situation, most Windows PC users opt for a reliable download manager.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, also known as FDM, is a freeware utility that can download various types of files from the internet. It can accelerate download speeds up to 600% and is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Its user-friendly GUI makes it easy to manage and track downloads. FDM also has a built-in uploader that supports sharing any content over the internet and supports HTTP/HTTPS/BitTorrent downloads.

Users can download a lite version of FDM and install desired features as a plug-in. It speeds up downloads by dividing files into small sections and downloading them simultaneously, then combining the sections into one file. Users can pause or resume downloads and do not need to start from the beginning after an interruption. Even if the internet connection is interrupted or the PC shuts down due to power failure, the download can be resumed after restarting the computer.

FDM can download videos from popular websites, including YouTube, and save them in native .flv format or convert them to other video formats. Users can adjust traffic usage and organize and schedule downloads.

Once installed, FDM integrates with Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express. It never downloads larger files at once and splits them into several sections to accelerate the software and extend download speeds.

Free Download Manager features

  1. Fast, safe, and efficient downloading.
  2. Video downloading from all popular websites, including YouTube, Google Video, and saving them in .FLV format or converting them into other popular video formats.
  3. Supports Proxy.
  4. Supports HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/BitTorrent.
  5. User-friendly interface with a modern design.
  6. Supports all Windows and macOS.
  7. Supports a built-in upload manager that lets you upload your files and share them with others.
  8. Organizes the downloaded files by their types and saves them in predefined folders.
  9. Download Accelerator.

  10. Safely download the files.
  11. Supports remote downloads.
  12. Broken downloads can be resumed.
  13. Support for adjusting traffic usage.
  14. Available in many languages.


In conclusion, downloading large files from the internet can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, especially if you are using the default download manager of your browser. However, with the help of a reliable download manager like Free Download Manager, you can easily manage and accelerate your downloads. FDM’s ability to split files into smaller sections and download them simultaneously, as well as its ability to pause and resume downloads, make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to improve their download experience. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, download Free Download Manager today and take control of your downloads.

Download Free Download Manager

You can download the Free Download Manager from its homepage.

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