Giveaway: Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 Free License

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The popular firm Ashampoo is offering a free license for its flagship product Backup Pro 15, which will cost CA$69.99 if you purchase it outside the giveaway period.

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Backup Pro 15 for Windows 11 and 10

This is a Windows-based, comprehensive backup solution that allows you to back up and restore your files in the event of a system failure or malware infection.

In addition to providing strong encryption, the software also ensures secure backup archives by monitoring the system load. That’s the beauty of the software.

A backup archive can be restored using this program or Windows Explorer. Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 rescue system will still allow you to boot your machine if your system is completely corrupted and you are unable to boot into it. This software continually verifies each operation during backups to prevent data inconsistency. It can be run either from a portable flash drive/hard disk or an optical medium, such as a DVD. It even monitors the health of your disk drives and sends instant notifications if a drive is at risk.

Featuring a revised start menu, Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 provides quick access to all essential information. A separate menu now neatly lists all backup plans with shortcuts to all important details. Cloud service integration has been revised and optimized for improved performance and security.

With Ashampoo Backup Pro, you don’t need any special knowledge to use it. Just download, install, and launch it by double-clicking its desktop icon.

To use this application, you need to create an account with Ashampoo. If you have already done so, you can log in by entering your email address on the application interface.

After entering the email address, click the Next button in order to activate your free copy of Ashampoo Backup Pro 15. Enter the password for your Ashampoo account in the following screen and hit the Next button.

Once done, you will get an email to activate your user account. Open up your email and click the link to activate your account and a copy of your Ashampoo Backup Pro 15.

Once the Backup Pro software is active, click on the Create Backup Plan button.

After that, select the storage type you would like to use for the backup data and click Next. If you are using a cloud service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, you first need to authorize access to Ashampoo.

Once the verification is completed, give a name to your backup plan and hit the Next button.

In the following screen, you will find some pre-defined backup templates. You can choose the existing one or select None of the above and then click the Next button.

Next, choose Entire drives or Individual files/folders option you want to backup.

Besides creating a backup, Ashampoo Backup Pro also allows you to password-protect your backup data. However, if you lose your password, you won’t be able to recover the data. So only encrypt the backup if you can keep the password safe.

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 Free License

In order to get the free license in the giveaway period, navigate to the promotion page of this software. Here, enter your email address and click the “Request Full Version Key” button.

When you’re done, you will receive an email from Ashampoo, along with the license code. Now, download the giveaway version of this software and install it as regular software. Enter your license code when prompted and click the “Activate now” button. Finally, click the “Next” button to complete the installation process.

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