If you are looking for user-friendly screen recording software for your Windows 11 or 10 PC, you should try iTop screen recorder. The application is extremely easy to use, so anyone can use it to record their computer screen without prior experience.

Using the iTop Screen Recorder, you can record the screen, gameplay, as well as audio, and voice. It even allows you to capture your webcam video along with the video screen.

This application has a free version that allows you to perform all recording activities but with a watermark. In order to remove the watermark, you have to purchase its Pro plan.

Don’t want to pay for iTop Screen Recorder Pro? No issues. The firm provides a free license in the giveaway to activate your free copy of iTop Screen Recorder. Once you enter the license, the free copy will be converted into a Pro one. And, when making a video using iTop Screen Recorder Pro, you will not find any watermark. However, if you need, you can add your own company watermark.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder Pro

iTop Screen Recorder Pro is a feature-rich screen recorder application that offers ample options to record your screen according to your requirements. Here are the details:-

Record Screen: The Screen Recorder Pro lets you record your screen at high resolution without any lag. You can record the full screen, specific region, or window, and even you can customize the recording area as per your needs. This also allows you to capture screenshots if required. The software can capture a video at 1080p and 120 FPS.

Record Audio: This application allows you to separately record only audio, which is helpful for voiceover audio, recording songs, and sound from musical instruments. You can record only the system sound, which helps record podcasts and audio stories.

Record Gameplay: iTop Screen Recorder also lets you record your gameplay. You can record game sound and add live commentary through the external microphone. You can also add a webcam video to show your live reaction.

Schedule Recording: The pro version of iTop Screen Recorder lets you schedule recording so that the software automatically starts recording your screen in your absence. It will also automatically end the recording as per the set duration and save the file for viewing when you return.

Customization: This application allows you to show mouse clicks and enable hardware acceleration. You can change video settings such as resolution, frame rate to bitrate, and file format. Moreover, you can set hotkeys for easy operation with key combinations. The software supports more than 12 file formats so that you can play your recording on different devices.

Video Editing: The most crucial feature of the iTop recorder is its in-built video editor. This tool can add video filters, stickers, and images from your computer to your recording. Apart from that, you can add background music as well as subtitles. Moreover, you can trim the video and export it to save it on your computer.

Download iTop Screen Recorder Pro

You can download the iTop Screen Recorder from its official website.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Licence

You can activate your iTop Screen Recorder Pro application using the following license:-


After activation, it will automatically expire in 6 months, which is enough for testing software. Once you are satisfied with this program, you can extend your license by purchasing this app. Please ensure that only 50 users can activate iTop Screen Recorder using the above license.


In conclusion, iTop Screen Recorder is a user-friendly screen recording software that is highly recommended for Windows 11 and 10 users. With its easy-to-use interface, anyone can quickly start recording their computer screen, gameplay, audio, and webcam video. The Pro version offers a range of features, including high-resolution recording, separate audio recording, scheduled recording, customization options, video editing capabilities, and support for multiple file formats. While the free version includes a watermark, users have the option to obtain a free license through giveaways or purchase the Pro plan to remove the watermark. Overall, iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile and reliable tool for capturing and editing screen recordings on Windows PCs.

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Update: License key updated on 10 Oct 2022.

Update as on 29 Dec 22: Use the following license code to get a subscription till Jun Jun 2023:-




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