How to Add WinRAR or 7-Zip to the Right-Click Menu on Windows 11?

Windows 11 equips with numerous changes to its UI, and among these, one of the noticeable changes is its new right-click context menu. The new context menu (also known as the modern context menu), missing essential options, including compression shortcuts that were available in the traditional context menu. You can still access that, but you need to do an extra mouse click on “Show more options.” After that, you can access all classic context menu options.

It is also possible to completely switch to the old context Menus back in Windows 11. After that, you will not have a modern context menu while right-clicking in File Explorer. This sounds good, but not all Windows users want to leave the good-looking modern right-click menu. They are trying to find an alternate way to add more menus in context menus.

Now, the wait is over. WinRar has got success in adding itself to the modern context menu. You can use Winrar Beta v6.10 to access WinRAR right from the context menu. Not only WinRAR, another open-source software called NanaZip, is now available that gets you 7-Zip in a new form and adds support for the context menu.

How to Get WinRAR in Windows 11 Context Menu?

To get context menu compression shortcuts in Windows 11, you need to install the latest version of it.

Step 1. First, download the latest version of WinRAR [WinRAR x64 (64 bit) 6.10 beta 1].

Step 2. Then, double-click on the downloaded setup file to install it. Click the Install button to proceed with the following steps.

Step 3. Ensure, at least “ZIP” and “RAR” file types are selected on the “WinRAR Setup” window. After that, click the OK button for setting up integrations with the standard files types supports.

That’s it. Now, right-click on any file, and you should now have WinRAR compression shortcuts in the context menu.

Download WinRAR for Windows 11

You can download the latest version of WinRAR for Windows 11 by navigating to this link.

How to Integrate Zip in Windows 11 Context Menu?

NanaZip is open-source software that you need to install to get a Zip shortcut in Windows 11 right-click context menu.

Step 1. First, download and install NanaZip from the Microsoft store. To do that, click the Get button below “Free.”

Step 2. In the pop-up, click the Open Microsoft Store button.

Step 3. After doing the above steps, the Microsoft Store app will open at NanaZip. Click the Get button.

That’s it. No more action is required. Microsoft Store will now download and install NanaZip on your computer.

Step 4. Now that NanaZip is installed on your computer, you must configure it to appear in the modern context menu. For that, press Windows + I keys on your keyboard to open the Settings app.

Step 5. When Windows Settings opens, select the Apps category from the left side pane.

Step 6. Then, click Default Apps on the right sidebar.

Step 7. On the “Default apps” settings, scroll down to the bottom and click the option Choose defaults by file type.

Step 8. Then, use the search box or scroll down towards the bottom to find out “.zip.” By default, it is associated with “Windows Explorer.” Click on it to select another program from your computer.

Step 9. When a pop-up window appears and asks you how do you want to open .zip files from now on, select “NanaZip” from “Other options.” Then click the OK button.

Now close the Settings app—Right-click on random files on File Explorer. NanaZip should appear in the modern context menu.

Downlad NanaZip for Windows 11

You can download NanaZip for Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store link.

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