How to Assign a GPU to an Application on Windows 11?

Windows 11 lets you select which GPU will use a game or other application if your computer includes more than one GPU. You can assign a specific GPU to an application on games on Windows 11 through the Settings app. This feature was first introduced in Windows 10’s April 2018 Update. Earlier, you had to use manufacturer-specific tools like the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Center to control this.

Although Windows 11 manages GPU automatically, you can select a specific GPU through the Settings app if an application is not working as desired. In this gearupwindows article, we will guide to assign a GPU (Graphics card) to the specific application. You can set a particular GPU for traditional desktop programs and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. UWP apps are those apps that are installed from the Microsoft Store and don’t have .exe files.

How to Choose which GPU will Use a Game or Application on Windows 11?

Step 1. Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys from the keyboard.

Step 2. Click on the System category from the left sidebar in the Windows Settings.

Step 3. On the right-side pane, select the Display tab.

Step 4. Click the Graphics option.

Step 5. You will see here all the installed apps on your computer, including desktop apps and store apps. Click on any app that you want to assign a specific graphics card.

Step 6. Click on the Options button under the selected app.

Step 7. By default, you will see the “Let Windows decide” radio box is selected. Select on any GPU (Power saving or High performance) and then click on the Save button.

That’s it. If you have a single GPU in your system, you’ll see the same GPU’s name under both the “Power saving” and “High performance” options. Furthermore, if your application is already running, you need to restart it to apply the changes.

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