How to Disable or Change Google Chrome Background Image?

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Google owns chrome, and it is the most famous browser globally. It is not only renowned, but it is also faster than any other browser. Google keeps updating the Chrome browser time-to-time; however, you can disable the automatic update features with some tweaks. One can even create Google Chrome Theme online and download a theme online to customize the default look. In the latest version of the Chrome browser, you will notice a background image when you open a new tab. You can restore this background image to a white background or set your own image as a new tab background. The best part of this tweak is that you don’t need any third-party tool. Let’s see how it works?

How to disable Google Chrome Background Image?

Step 1. Open a New Tab in the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. Click on Pencil Icon on the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Click the No background option.

Step 4. Click the Done button.

Step 5. Now, the background image is removed from the Chrome browser, and you can only see white color as the background of Google Chrome tabs.

How to change Google Chrome Background Image?

By default Google Chrome comes with a background image, but if you want to change it with your own favorite image, it can be done through the following methods:-

Step 1. Open a New Tab in the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. Click on Pencil Icon on the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Select any available images or click on the Upload from device option.

Step 4. Once the image is selected or uploaded from your computer, click the Done button to take effect.

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