How to Enable or Disable Administrator Account Lockout in Windows 11?

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A malicious user can try to gain access to your Windows 11 remotely. A brute force password attack can be automated to try thousands or millions of password combinations for any or all user accounts. To protect from this brute force attack, Windows 11 now includes policies limiting the number of failed sign-ins that eliminate such attacks’ effectiveness. However, if the number of attempts is greater than the value of the “Account lockout threshold,” the attacker could potentially lock every account.

Enable or Disable Administrator Acc...
Enable or Disable Administrator Account in Windows 11 using Command Prompt

The “Account lockout threshold” policy determines the number of failed sign-in attempts that will cause a user account to be locked. A locked account cannot be used until your administrator reset it manually or the number of minutes specified in the Account lockout duration policy setting expires. Windows 11 allows you to set a value from 1 to 999 failed sign-in attempts, or you can also set this value to 0 so that the account will never be locked. If the Account lockout threshold is set to a number greater than zero, the Account lockout duration must be greater than or equal to the value of the “Reset account lockout counter after.”

By default, the built-in administrator account also gets locked out when someone tries to access your account with ten wrong passwords. However, if you want, you can enable or disable this setting in Local Group Policy Editor.

In this gearupwindows article, we will guide you on enabling and disabling Administrator Account Lockout in Windows 11.

How to Turn On or Off Administrator Account Lockout in Windows 11?

To enable or disable the administrator account lockout in Windows 11, use these steps:-

Step 1. Open Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2. Then, browse or navigate to the following path in the left sidebar of the Local Group Policy Editor window:-

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies > Account Lockout Policy

Step 3. On the right side of the “Account Lockout Policy” folder, double-click on the policy name “Allow Administrator account lockout.”

Step 4. Switch to Local Security Setting.

Step 5. Choose Enabled or Disabled to turn On or Off the policy.

Step 6. Click Apply.

Step 7. Click OK.

Step 8. Finally, reboot your computer to apply the changes.

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