How to find Mac’s basic specs in OS X?

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It is complicated to remember which Mac model was purchased, what was the processor, what was the installed RAM on my Mac machine? It is possible to upgrade RAM? Is it possible to upgrade SSD? These all are basic information that can be retrieved from the Mac machine.

Mac Version, Processor, RAM, Graphics Card, Serial Number

To find out basic information like Mac version, processor, RAM, graphic card, and serial number, click on the Apple icon from the top left corner. From the drop-down list, select About This Mac to open the System window.

By clicking on the Storage tab, you can get detailed storage information.

Graphics Card

To get detailed information about Graphics Cards, click on the System Report button under the Overview tab. Click on Graphics/Displays from the left side under Hardware to get the detailed information of the graphics card installed in yoursMac.

As you can see in the image, my Mac OS X runs on Intel HD Graphics 6000 and it has VRM 1536 MB.

All detailed information about the hardware installed on your Mac can be retrieved from System Report. You can even get the information about Network and Software in detail from here. Just click on the respective menu and get the desired results.

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