How to Freeze and Split Panes in MS Excel Worksheet?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful application for data analysis and documentation. It is a spreadsheet program containing several columns and rows, where each intersection of a column and a row is a “cell.” Each cell contains one point of data or one piece of information.

You can easily find the Microsoft Office program in every workplace. A few of us also use the Microsoft Office program on our home PC to educate our children or store critical data. Because of its easiness in storing and calculating the data, we call it a “mini database.”

If you have already worked in the Microsoft Excel program, you may be aware of Freeze and Slipt Panes options. These two options help a lot while working on Excel. It lets you focus on your work without distracting through entire columns and rows.

If you are working on a big project on Microsoft Excel, Freeze and Split Panes will help you focus on your work. You don’t have to scroll up and down, side to side, to find the information. Freezing and Splitting screens make navigation and viewing between pages more manageable.

Freeze Panes in Excel

Freeze Pane:  Freeze Pane option keeps rows and columns visible while the rest of the worksheet can be scrolled to view or fill in the data.

Freeze Top Row: If you freeze the top row, the top row will be visible every time while scrolling through the rest of the worksheet.

Freeze First Column: If you freeze the first column, the first column will always be visible while scrolling through the worksheet.

Split Panes in Excel

Split is different from than Freeze panes feature in MS Excel. The splitting option divides the window into different panes, and each can be scrolled separately.

In this article, we will go through the following Freeze and Split options:-

  1. Freeze a single row and column
  2. Freeze multiple rows and columns
  3. Unfreeze all rows and columns
  4. Split windows vertically and horizontally
  5. Remove Split in Excel

How to freeze a single row and column in Excel?

To freeze a single row or column, open the Excel Workbook, click on the View tab, select Freeze Panes, and then click Freeze Top Row.

Once the above steps are completed, while scrolling through the worksheet, you will notice, the first row is not disappearing.

If, instead of a top row, you want to freeze any other row according to your choice, select the Row, click on the View tab, and select Freeze Panes.

Once the above steps are completed, while scrolling, you will notice the rows above the frozen row will be visible, while others will be hiding during the scroll.

How to freeze multiple rows and columns in Excel?

To Freeze multiple rows or columns in an Excel Worksheet, select the rows or columns you want to freeze by clicking the heading of the row or column (To select multiple rows and columns in Excel, press and hold the Ctrl key from the keyboard and then keep clicking on rows and columns which you want to select).

Once you have selected the desired rows and columns, click the View tab, select Freeze Panes, and select the Freeze Panes in the drop-down menu.

How to unfreeze all rows and columns in Excel?

To unfreeze all rows and columns in one go, click the View tab and select Freeze Panes; click the Unfreeze Panes from the drop-down menu.

How to split windows vertically and horizontally in Excel?

To split Excel. Click a row or column heading, select Split on the View tab. Once the worksheet is split, you will notice a Thick Grey Line in the worksheet; drag this line to where you want to split in the window.

How to remove Split in Excel?

To remove the Split from the Excel worksheet, click on the View tab and select the Split option.

That’s all!!! I hope you have learned to Freeze and Split Panes in MS Excel Worksheet.

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