How to Mute Individual Browser Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera?

All modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, comes with several features that all users may not know. One of the similar features they carry is a mute individual browser tab. That means all the above-mentioned browsers allow you to mute individual browser tabs in just a few clicks. If you opened any annoying website, you could quickly silence that tab. That means the video will keep playing, but the audio will be muted.

This is a handy feature if a new tab starts playing music or video and you want to turn it off temporarily. In one or two clicks of a mouse, you can mute the audio.

How to Mute or Unmute Individual Browser Tabs in Google Chrome?

Step 1. To mute the Google Chrome browser tab, perform a right-click on it and select the Mute Site option. This activity will permanently mute that site on Chrome. If you need to enable audio again from that site, you need to unmute them.

Step 2. To unmute them, right-click one of that site’s tabs and click Unmute SIte.

That’s it. According to your needs, you can mute or unmute the tabs in the latest version of Google Chrome.

How to Mute or Unmute Individual Browser Tabs in Mozilla Firefox?

Similar to Google Chrome, options are available to mute or unmute tabs in Mozilla Firefox also. Here are the details of how to operate?

Step 1. To mute a website in Firefox, right-click the tab and select the Mute Tab option.

Step 2. To unmute a site in the future, right-click on the opened tab and select the Unmute Tab option.

How to Mute or Unmute Individual Browser Tabs in Microsoft Edge?

Step 1. Perform a right-click on a tab to stop audio and select the Mute tab option. Alternatively, use the shortcut keys Ctrl + M to mute the active tab.

Step 2. If you ever want to re-enable audio on a certain tab, right-click on the active tab and select the Unmute tab option. Alternatively, use the same shortcut keys Ctrl + M to unmute the tab.

How to Mute or Unmute Individual Browser Tabs in Opera?

If you a fan of the Opera browser, then don’t worry. Similar features are available here. You need to do the following steps:-

Step 1. Right-click on a tab that audio you want to mute. Select the Mute tab from the available options.

Step 2. Right-click on the tab and select the Unmute tab option if you want to hear the sound again.

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