Windows 11 includes many exciting features, including the redesigned Start menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, etc. However, some features are annoying or not useful, and people want to disable or uninstall such features. Here, LoveWindowsAgain plays a handy role.

LoveWindowsAgain for Windows 11

LoveWindowsAgain allows you to disable several features in Windows 11, such as disabling automatic installation of apps, removing the Task view button from the taskbar, getting the Windows 10 File Explorer back in Windows 11hiding the Search icon from the taskbar, disabling Game DVR, TPM 2.0 Check, turning off snap layouts, uninstall Widgets, removing Microsoft XPS Document Writer, disable Suggested content in the Settings app, Telemetry, hide Most used apps in Start menu, and more. You can apply all the fixes separately or in one go.

How to Remove Windows 11 Annoying Features with LoveWindowsAgain?

Before you start using LoveWindowsAgain, we recommend creating a system restore point and backup Windows Registry. You can revert your PC to the previous working state if something goes wrong.

To use the LoveWindowsAgain, download it from GitHub and unzip it in a folder. Then, launch this tool by double-clicking on its executable file.

On the app interface, you will find an Analyze button along with the Windows name and build you are using. Click that button, and the tool will start analyzing your Windows 11 machine with all the default options.

When the analyzing process is completed, it will display the number of problems recommended for your Windows 11 computer. The issues are displayed based on the levels (low, high, and medium). You can fix all of them in one go by clicking the down-arrow button and selecting the Fix problems option.

While applying all the recommendations at once is faster and looks more suitable, the app also provides an advanced mode. An option is available to ignore all low levels of problems at once.

The advanced mode of LoveWindowsAgain provides the option to choose and apply only those fixes that you actually need. To switch to advanced mode, click on the three vertical dots on the right-side top corner and pick the Advanced mode option.

Once you have turned on the Advanced mode, the tool will display a list of problems category-wise. The categories include Browsers, Explorer, Desktop, System, Gaming, Privacy, Apps, Taskbar and Start Menu, etc. In each category, you will find suggestions that you can apply. For each suggestion or problem, a checkbox is there. Check the checkbox that you want to disable on your Windows 11 computer. Click the down-arrow button and choose the Fix problems option to apply the changes.

Once the problems are fixed, reboot your computer or restart File Explorer to apply the changes. If something goes wrong, relaunch the LoveWindowsAgain tool and click the down-arrow button. Then, click the Restore settings option to revert those fixes or options to the default state.

Alternatively, use the system restore point or restore the Registry backup created before.

Apart from disabling the several features on Windows 11, this tool also helps to:-

  • Install packages for Windows 11.
  • Remove unnecessary apps from Windows 11.

Above mentioned options are available on LoveWindowsAgain on the bottom left part of this tool. Use the drop-down menu More Tools! and select the desired tools.

Install Packages for Windows 11

Using this tool, you can install the packages or third-party programs on your Windows 11 computer at once that you might need in daily use.

On the left panel of this tool, you will find a list of all the available packages. The packages include 7-zip, Audacity, Adobe Reader, AnyDesk, Discord, LibreOffice, Microsoft PowerToys, Notepad++, Skype, etc. You can select all the packages or selected packages of your choice that you want to install. Just select the package on the left side and click the Add button on the middle pane. To remove a package, choose a package from the right side and click the Remove button in the center pane.

When ready, hit the Install button. All the selected programs will be installed silently on your Windows 11 machine.

Remove Unnecessary Apps from Windows 11

This tool is helpful if you want to uninstall pre-installed Microsoft Store apps. When you install Windows 11 on your machine, it installs several apps that may not be necessary for you. Using this tool, you can get rid of such apps.

It is also useful to remove system apps or built-in Microsoft Store apps (including those that don’t provide any uninstall button or option).

When you open this tool, it displays a list of pre-installed apps on the left section that it can remove. You can also select the Show system apps option to view built-in apps in that list. After that, select the apps you want to remove and move them to the right section using the available buttons in the middle.

When the apps are added to the right section, click on the Uninstall button. The tool will remove those apps one by one silently.

Overall, LoveWindowsAgain is a great tool that allows you to get rid of unnecessary applications on Windows 11 and disable some features that may not require you.

Download LoveWindowsAgain

If you want to slim down your Windows 11, try LoveWindowsAgain. You can download it from GitHub.


In conclusion, LoveWindowsAgain is a powerful tool that helps users disable annoying or unwanted features in Windows 11. With LoveWindowsAgain, users can remove pre-installed Microsoft Store apps, get back the Windows 10 File Explorer, hide the Search icon from the taskbar, and more. The tool also provides the ability to install packages and third-party programs that users might need for daily use. Overall, LoveWindowsAgain is a great option for users who want to slim down their Windows 11 experience and customize their system to their liking. With caution and backup options in place, this tool can be a handy addition to any Windows 11 user’s toolkit.

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