How to Rename your PC in Windows 11?

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Are you not happy with the current name of your PC and want to rename your computer in Windows 11? It is always a better idea to give a meaningful name to your computer. If during installation of Windows 11, you have not decided on a proper name or assigned random and now you want to change its name, it is possible on Windows 11 PC.

It is challenging to find out if you have used random names, especially if you have many PCs over the network. It is harder to find a needed computer when you share files between PCs using Wi-Fi or any other method. You might prefer to rename Windows 11 PC after setup so that you can easily recognize them. For example, GearUpWindows-PC, Pammi-PC, etc.

In this gearupwindows article, we will guide you on renaming your PC name in Windows 11.

Renaming your computer name is quite easy, and there are several ways to do this. You can use any long name you want. In the PC name, you can include Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens. However, spaces and symbols (except hyphens) are not allowed. That means we can not name my PC as GearUpWindows-PC-1 or GearUpWindows PC 1. When I try to rename my PC as GearUpWindows-PC-1 or GearUpWindows PC 1, Windows 11 will not accept.

How to Rename your PC in Windows 11 using the Settings app?

Step 1. Launch Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys or any other method and then select System category from the left side pane.

Step 2. Now, please scroll down on the right-side pane of System and then click on the About tab.


Step 3. Click the Rename this PC button on the About page.

Step 4. In the “Rename your PC” pop-up window, write the new name of your PC in the text field and then click the Next button.

Step 5. When prompted, click on the Restart now button to apply the changes.

If you wish to reboot your computer later, click on the Restart later button on the above step. You should also note, without restarting your computer, you can not change your PC name again.

How to Rename your PC in Windows 11 using Control Panel?

Control Panel is still part of Windows 11, and you can use it to rename your PC.

Step 1. Open Control Panel.

To launch Control Panel, invoke the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys. In the Run box, type Control Panel and hit Enter from the keyboard.

Step 2. In the Control Panel window, set “View by” to Category, and then click on the System and Security category.

Step 3. On the System and Security window, click on the link labeled with Allow remote access.

Step 4. Now “System Properties” windows will open. Select the “Computer Name” tab and then click on the Change button.

Step 5. On the new pop-up “Computer Name/Domain Changes” window, write your new PC name under the “Computer name” box. Once done, click on the OK button.

Finally, reboot your computer to apply the changes.

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