How to Set Windows 7 as the Default OS on a Dual Boot PC with Windows 8?

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Its windows operating system nature to overwrite the previous OS boot file if you install a new OS on the same PC. That means whatever the operating system is installed later in your computer will overtake your previous operating system boot. There is nothing wrong with that. You can boot in both the operating system one by one. When you start your computer, then you will see both operating systems are listed on boot. The later one you installed will occupy the first boot, and the previous one will sit on the second boot sequence.

If you have dual booting with Windows 7 and Windows 8 on your computer and start your PC, by default, it will take you up to Windows 8 login screen. But, what you will do if you want to make Windows 7 your default operating system in dual booting with Windows 8. In other words, when your start your computer, you want to boot into Windows 7 by default.

The default configuration of Windows OS allows you to change the boot sequence that means there is no need to install a third-party tool to change the boot sequence on your computer or laptop. In this gearupwindows post, we will learn to set Windows 7 as the default OS on a Dual Boot PC with Windows 8.

How to Set Windows 7 as the Default OS on a Dual Boot PC with Windows 8?

Step 1. Boot into Windows 8 operating system and right-click on the “This PC” icon on the Desktop, and select Properties to see the System window.

Alternatively, you can also boot into Windows 7, right-click on the “Computer” icon, and select Properties options to see the System window.

Step 2. Click on “Advanced System Settings” from the left side pane to see the “System Properties” window.

Step 3. Click the “Advanced” tab.

Step 4. Under the “Startup and Recovery” section, click on the Settings button. The “Startup and Recovery” dialog box opens.

Step 5. Under the “System startup” section, you will see “Default operating system” is Windows 8.

Step 6. Click the “Default operating system” drop-down menu. You will see two options Windows 8 and Windows 7. Select Windows 7.

Step 7. Click the “OK” button.

Once you complete the above steps, you have successfully changed the boot sequence. Whenever you start your computer, Windows 7 will be your default operating, and your PC will start in Windows 7 automatically. If you wish, you can make Windows 8 the default operating system this way also. Under Step 6, select Windows 8 to make it default.

Additional Tips: On step 6, you can see “Time to display the list of operating systems:” It is the waiting time when you start your computer by choosing your operating system. Suppose you do not select any operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8) for up to 30 seconds. In that case, it will boot into Windows 7 automatically since we have made Windows 7 the default operating system in the above steps. If you need, you can increase or decrease waiting time.

Note: If you make Windows 7 as default operating system after Login into Windows 8, when you will start your computer, it will take you up to the boot screen of Windows 8, and from there, it will be restart automatically, and it will take you up to the Windows 7 Login Screen. Hence, it will take more time to start Windows 8. Therefore, better to make Windows 7 the default operating system through Windows 7 only.

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