How to Share a Folder with Everyone in Windows 11?

Do you want to share a folder with everyone in Windows 11 on a network? When you share a folder to access by everyone, all users on your network will have unrestricted access to that folder. Using a shared location path, anyone on your network can access that folder. Windows 11 will not prompt for passwords or logins while using that folder.

After assigning the full rights to a folder, everyone will have unrestricted access that means they can create a file/folder within that folder and even delete/modify folders/files saved in that shared folder. If your computer is part of a network, another computer can access your folder. Also, if it is independent, then all user accounts will have access to the shared folder.

How to Create a Folder to Share in Windows 11?

Although it is possible to share any folder of a Windows 11 computer, you should create an independent folder for sharing. If you don’t already make a folder to share with everyone, you can create one by following these guidelines:-

Step 1. Open a drive or existing folder where you want to create a sharing folder. For instance, we want to create a new folder under the “E” drive.

Step 2. Click New on the File Explorer toolbar and select the Folder option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Name the newly created folder as SharedFolder or whatever you like.

That’s it. A new folder for sharing purposes is created. Alternatively, right-click on any drive to see a new folder and select the “New > Folder” option. Name the newly created folder as you would like.

How to Share a Folder in Windows 11?

Now that you have already a folder that you want to share with everyone, now do the following:-

Step 1. Right-click on the folder that you have created for sharing purposes.

Step 2. Select Properties from flyout menu.

Step 3. In the folder properties dialog, navigate to Sharing tab.

Step 4. Click the Share button under the “Network File and Folder Sharing” section.

Step 5. In the “Network access” window that opens after performing the above steps, type Everyone before Add button. Then click the Add button.

Step 6. Finally, click the Share button at the bottom right of the window.

Now that your folder is shared for everyone that can connect to your network, you will find the path of the shared folder by accessing that anyone can open that folder.

Note down the path and share it with someone that wants to access this folder. Then click the Done button.

Select the “Advanced Sharing” button on the Folder Properties dialog if you want to have more control over this shared folder. You can limit the simultaneous users that can access your folder and even manage the permissions.

Further, if you want to add or remove any items from the shared folder, you can do so as a regular folder. There is nothing special in this folder except this is shared.

Good luck!

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  1. Jon Prall says:

    This doesn’t really talk about how to authenticate in the new world of username being your ms account login. how do you handle local user authentication (i.e. a printer needs to access a shared folder…_)

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