How to turn on ClickLock to select and drag items without holding down the mouse button?

To move a window from one position to another position, we click on the title bar, hold the click, and drag it to another position. If we enable ClickLock, we do not have to hold down the left click through the position change. Simply, we can click on a window for a particular amount of preset time, release it, and still, we can move the window anywhere we want.

In this tutorial, we will learn to enable or turn on ClickLock in Windows 10. This Click Lock feature is also available on Windows7/8 that lets you highlight, select and drag files, folders, and items without pressing down the mouse button.

Normally, we hold down the mouse button and then select the items. But the built-in ClickLock mouse setting lets you change the behavior of moving the items from one place to another.

How to turn on ClickLock to select and drag items without holding down the mouse button?

One can turn on the ClickLock feature on Windows 10/8/7 from the Control Panel.

Step 1. To turn on the ClickLock feature on Windows 10, click on the Start button and type Control Panel. From the available search results, click on the Control Panel app.

Step 2. Click on Mouse under Control Panel Items.

Step 3. Mouse Properties window will be opened. Under the Buttons tab, in the ClickLock section, select the checkbox labeled Turn on ClickLock.

Step 4. Finally, click on Apply then an OK button.

Once you have completed the above steps successfully, you will select, highlight, or drag items without holding down the mouse button. To start, you have to press the mouse button briefly. To release, you can click on the mouse button. The holding-down part is no longer required to move the items.

To adjust the timing, how long you need to press the mouse button initially before you click is locked, click on the Settings button under the Click Lock section. Drag the slider to adjust the timing.

Finally, click the OK, Apply, and then an OK button.

To move an item or multiple items from one window to another, press and hold the items for a specified time as you have set, say, 2-3 seconds. Then release it. You will notice that you no longer need to hold the key down. Once you have finished highlighting, press the mouse button once to release the selection.

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