MyKeyFinder: Retrieves Windows 10 Key from Windows Registry

MyKeyFinder is a free application that helps retrieve the Product Key of all installed software from the Windows Registry, including Windows 10.

There may be certain cases when you want to retrieve your Windows 10 Product Key from the running machine. It may happen that you are planning to install a fresh Windows 10 after formatting the PC or your machine becomes outdated, and you want to purchase a new machine where you want to use the same product key as the old PC.

MyKeyFinder: Find Windows 10 Product Key

Reasons may be many, but the solution is only one. You have to retrieve the product key from your running Windows 10 PC to reuse it. MyKeyFinder free utility recovers the installed product key from a running Windows 10 PC from its registry. Once you download, install and run this software, it will start scanning your Windows Registry for a product key or license key.

This tool does not only scans for Windows 10 product key, but it will also list down all the license keys which you have registered for any software on your PC. If you see multiple product keys is listed on the MyKeyFinder, use the search button of this software to find a particular application license key.

This app is good for those who want to list down all the application license keys. Just note down all the keys, and you can easily format your PC or install a fresh Windows 10 on another PC to transfer all the software and the product key.

Final Opinion on MyKeyFinder

MyKeyFinder worked well on my PC, which was running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. We were able to retrieve all the valid license keys from my PC. Using this free tool, you can retrieve the Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, and Windows 7 product keys apart from the other installed software.

Download MyKeyFinder

You can download the latest version of the MyKeyFinder application from here.

For your information, you can install Windows 10 without a valid product key. Once your Windows 10 OS is running, you can change the product key with your Product Key to activate it.

ShowKeyPlus, Belarc Advisor, ProduKey, Windows 10 Product Key Tool, and Wise Windows Key Finder are other freeware utilities to recover the product key from running Windows 10 machines.

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