Windows USB/DVD Download Tool: Creates a Bootable USB / DVD from ISO

Traditional days have gone by, and most of us do not use CD / DVD. There are a few freeware available over the internet to create a bootable USB flash drive from ISO. ISO2Disc does not only supports creating bootable CD / DVD from Windows ISO, but it also allows us to create bootable USB […]

ISO2Disc: Freeware to Create a Bootable USB & Windows To Go Drive

We generally use the traditional method to install Windows operating systems by CD / DVD. Now, these days are gone. A few software are available for free to download, supporting creating a bootable USB for any version of Windows, including Win 10 OS. Although, Microsoft has officially released a tool that is called Windows USB/DVD […]

Backup Drivers of Windows 11/10 PC using DriverBackup portable software

There is so much software available over the internet to backup and restore drivers on Windows PC. DriverBackup is also a Driver backup and restoration utility. It is portable, easy to carry, or you can just upload it to the cloud to use with any PC. This portable Windows DriverBackup software offers restoration, backup, removal, […]

How to set Custom Color for Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

Microsoft keeps enhancing the user experience by adding new features to the Windows 10 operating system. It comes with a black and white mouse pointer/cursor. Most of us use third-party mouse pointers to personalize the Windows 10 experience. If you have installed many mouse pointers, you can change the mouse pointers’ schemes. If you are […]

Ninite: Install multiple Software programs on a computer at once

If you want to install / reinstall/clone your Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista & Windows Server without CD/DVD/USB Drive, WinToHDD is the best freeware. But, WinToHDD does not allow you to install any third-party software during the installation of Windows. Ninite can be used as supplementary to WinToHDD. Once you have installed a new Windows or reinstalled the […]

WinToHDD: Install, Reinstall, Clone Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista & Windows Server Without CD/DVD/USB Drive

There is a few freeware software to configure and personalize your Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista & Windows Server. Still, it is hard to find useful software to install and reinstall the Windows operating system. You can always install your Windows through CD / DVD (traditional method) or by USB drive. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, ISO2Disc, and WinUSB […]

How to Change Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

Mouse plays a vital role in desktop computers. Most of us depend upon a mouse to perform various jobs on the desktop computer. If you are bored with the old mouse pointer of Windows 10, you can download a cute set of mouse pointers on your PC. If you love different mouse pointers, download all […]

Download 17 best mouse cursors for Windows

After using the same things, we get bored; it is human nature and happens with everybody. If you are using a Windows computer for a long and you are bored, it’s time to change the mouse cursors. Mouse cursors are one of the best ways to make your desktop look unique. It is straightforward, download, […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 Computer?

While you are browsing the internet, or watching a movie, or maybe for any other reason, you want to take a screenshot; Windows 10 offers various options to do so. You can capture the entire Window or a piece of Window too. In the traditional Windows operating system, we use the keyboard button labeled “PrtScn” […]

How to Colorize Windows 11/10 Folders with Rainbow Folders?

Microsoft has started support for the change of background color of the Logon screen starting from Windows 7. One can also utilize Login Screen Background Changer freeware to change the Logon background easily. Windows folder icon can also be changed easily in all editions of Windows without any third-party tool. There is a built-in feature to […]