How to hide text or paragraphs in MS Word Document on Windows PC?

Microsoft Office Word document comes with a lot of features. Out of those features, one feature is hiding the text or paragraph in an MS Office word document. For any reason, if you want to hide a text or paragraph from others, this tutorial will help you to do the same. This feature is handy […]

How to print Microsoft Office Word Document with the background color or background image?

Microsoft Office Word documents can be customized with a lot of built-in options. One of the customizations is background color or background image. When you print a Microsoft Office Word document with default settings, the background color or background picture is not printed. Although you have set the background color or background picture in a […]

How to add color or image to an MS Office Word document’s background?

There’s nothing wrong with a white background in a Microsoft Office Word document; it lets you add color or image to your Word document background. If you are bored with a white background on MS Office documents or want to beautify the MS Office Word document’s background, you can change the MS Word background with […]

How to create a Hyperlink for an existing file or sheet in Microsoft Excel?

For easy navigation, in Microsoft Excel, you can use a hyperlink to connect the document in the worksheet to web pages, existing files, or other workbooks. This feature is useful for those who want to express MS Excel extraordinarily. Placing a Hyperlink into an MS Excel worksheet help others with easy navigation with related information. […]

How to Add or Remove Borders in Microsoft Excel Cells?

If you are working in Microsoft Excel and want to add or remove borders for cells in the worksheet, it is easy. To beautify the content of the cells in Microsoft Excel, you can choose to add color, styles, and thickness to borders, or even you can remove the borders from the cells. In this […]

How to uninstall or reinstall Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10?

Most modern desktop computers and laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth adapter. Although Wi-Fi is available these days, nobody cares about Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is essential to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices such as speakers, heads, and phones with your PC. If you have turned on the Bluetooth on your computer or laptop but cannot pair or […]

Fix: Programs & Apps Starts Automatically in Windows 10

You might already know that it automatically loads necessary drivers and services when you turn on your Windows 10 PC. Sometimes, some programs also start automatically with Windows 10 if you have configured to do so. If an app or program automatically starts on its own with Windows 10 and you don’t like the programs […]

Display Driver Uninstaller: Lets you Completely Uninstall NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel Graphics Drivers

All the hardware which is attached to your PC or notebook needs proper drivers to work properly. Similarly, to run the graphics or video, it needs correct drivers for your Windows operating system. If you are facing the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors, most probably, your PC has outdated or incompatible graphics drivers installed. […]

Snappy Driver Installer: Install and Update Drivers on Windows 11/10/8/7

A few freeware is available over the internet to automate the driver’s installation on Windows 11/10 computers or laptops. Driver Easy, Double Driver, and DriverBackup freeware are good examples that work well on Windows 11/10 computers. Drivers are essential for Windows computers. Without drivers, your PC may be unstable or even not work properly. If […]