How to use AutoSum function in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel comes with a lot of features. In this post, we will explain what is is AutoSum and how to use it? With this post’s help, you will learn to automatically sum columns or rows with the Sum shortcut, a sum only visible cells, sum selected range vertically and horizontally in one go, and […]

How to keep Calculator always on top on Windows 10?

All Windows operating systems ship with the native Calculator app; it continues on Windows 10 too. There is nothing wrong with the native Calculator app of Windows 10. It is pretty good with programming, graphing, scientific data calculation, standard calculators, and history features. It can also be used for currency conversion, length measurement, area calculation, […]

How to Rotate Text in an MS Excel Spreadsheet?

There is a lot of customization is possible in Microsoft Excel documents. In this post, we will see to rotate a text in an Excel spreadsheet. This article will help if you want to rotate a text in an Excel spreadsheet according to your requirement. At various times you need to customize an Excel spreadsheet […]

How to Stop the ‘Save Password’ Prompt in Firefox?

Most of us use Mozilla Firefox as a primary browser for Windows PC. All of us know that the Firefox browser lets you Save your Password every time you enter the password in the Firefox browser for any website. Whenever you log in to a website whose credentials aren’t stored in Firefox password manager, it […]

6 Top free fast File Copy software for Windows 11/10 PC

Cut, Copy, and Paste are the common functions we use daily on Windows PCs. To move a file from one place to another or one media to another, we generally drag and drop the file from the mouse. One can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X to cut, Ctrl+C shortcuts to copy, and Ctrl+V keyboard […]

How to use CCleaner to Clean Context Menu in Windows 10?

CCleaner is probably one of the most popular programs to clean up your Windows PC. It quickly deletes the temporary files, web browsing history, and other unwanted files from your Windows PC. The developer of the program keeps adding new features and makes it perfect. There are several functionalities available on the free version of […]

How to Check if a USB Drive is Bootable or Not in Windows 11/10 using MobaLiveCD?

There are a few freeware apps to create a bootable USB flash drive. However, there are plenty of CD/DVD burning tools are available. Once you have created a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive and you want to test that it is bootable or not, this post is useful for you. There is no need […]

Burn ISO images to SD Cards or USB Flash Drive with Etcher to Make it Bootable

If you want to burn a bootable ISO image to a USB flash drive, plenty of tools are available over the internet. You can choose from one of the following popular freeware tools that will help you to burn an ISO on a USB flash drive:- EasyBCD AnyBurn WinUSB Maker Rufus Windows USB/DVD Download Tool […]

Double Driver: Freeware to backup & restore Drivers in Windows 10 and 11

Drivers are an essential part of every operating system. Every component of a computer or laptop works only if they have suitable drivers installed. There are a few freeware available over the internet to backup and restore drivers on Windows 11/10 machines; Double Driver is one of those. Double Driver is a freeware and effective […]

9 Best Free Bootable ISO Creating Tool for Windows 11 and 10

Many free and easy tools are available over the internet that help you create a bootable USB flash drive. A bootable USB flash drive assists you in installing Windows 11/10 from a USB drive or pen drive, which means there is no need to burn a CD/DVD to install the Windows operating system. Nowadays, CDs/DVDs […]