How to Generate a Battery Health Report on Windows 11 or 10?

Laptops and tablets use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Like other batteries, lithium batteries have life spans. You will notice performance degrades over time, and eventually, the battery won’t provide a charge after a long time of use. Most lithium-ion laptop batteries deliver 100% performance for the first year. But if you suspect that your battery is […]

How to Allow or Stop Voice access from Starting up Automatically in Windows 11?

Microsoft may soon add a new Voice access feature on Windows 11 stable build as it is being tested on Windows Insider Preview. The Voice access feature of Windows 11 lets you control your PC and send text messages using your voice. However, one should note that at present its supports on English-U.S language. To […]

How to Enable or Disable Voice Access Feature in Windows 11?

Microsoft is testing new Voice access on Windows 11, and it is currently added to the Insider Preview version of Windows 11. This new feature of Windows 11 enables you to control your PC and send text messages using your voice. Currently, this Voice access is working on the English-U.S language that Microsoft may extend […]

How to Set Main Display in Windows 11?

Window 11 supports multiple display monitors that means you can connect and use more than one display on your computer or laptop. When your PC detects various monitors, Windows numbers them to identify them, such as 1, 2, etc. If you need, you can rearrange the monitors based on how you have arranged the physical displays. […]

How to Enable or Disable Windows 11 Location Service?

Some apps need Location service enabled to function correctly, such as Find my device and auto-setting the time zone. They need to know where you’re located and connecting the internet. These applications work based on your current location. This gearupwindows article will guide you on enabling and disabling Windows 11 location service feature. How to […]

How to Set up a Vertical Taskbar in Windows 11?

Windows 11 has limited options to customize the taskbar, such as you can’t drop an application to the taskbar to Pin it. Similarly, Windows 11 Taskbar is locked by default, and you can’t move it to any location on your screen as you wish. Likewise, you can’t move the taskbar to a vertical position if […]

How to Connect and Use Additional Monitor on Windows 11?

Using multiple monitors can be helpful for those people who work or play with their computers the whole day. For casual PC users, a single monitor is enough. There are plenty of benefits to using multi-monitor setups. Using two or three monitors, you can organize your activities or make use of multiple open applications in […]

How to Open Device Manager in Windows 11?

Device Manager is a built-in component of the Microsoft Windows operating system that enables users to view and control the hardware attached to their computer. If hardware isn’t working correctly, the offending hardware remains highlighted in the device manager that helps you troubleshoot. The Device Manager includes several devices, including a keyboard, mouse, hard disk […]

How to Enable or Disable App Sharing Across Devices in Windows 11 or 10?

Starting with Windows 10 version 1607 “Anniversary Update,” Windows 10 includes a feature that allows apps on your device to communicate with other devices and open the same apps on them. This will enable you to continue your work faster when you change your device and synchronize between apps installed on your Windows 11 systems, […]