PDF Redactor: A Desktop Tool to Redact PDF Text and Make Sensitive Content Unreadable

PDFRedactor.com released a new Windows program that is called PDF Redactor. It is a neat PDF text redaction-free software tool designed to redact or delete sensitive text and images in a PDF file to protect privacy. It does not only black-out content to make it unreadable, but the blocked part cannot be found even if […]

How to Monitor Data Usage in Windows 10?

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) grants users unlimited access to the web. However, if you have a limited internet bandwidth plan for each month, you should monitor your data usage on Windows 10. Windows 10 allows you to set limits to ensure you don’t go over your plan’s designated cap. In this gearupwindows article, we […]

How to Create and Use Virtual Desktops on Windows 11?

Microsoft introduced virtual Desktop on Windows 10, and now it is part of Windows 11 as well. Earlier, we used third-party applications to create virtual desktops on our Windows PCs to open and manage different apps and separate desktops. Virtual Desktop is a nice feature that lets you create a separate desktop so multiple purposes. […]

How to Enable or Disable Suggested Content in Settings on Windows 11 or 10?

Microsoft can offer you suggestions throughout Settings on Windows 11 and 10. This content can help you discover new features within Settings or suggested content and apps you may find interesting. By default, Suggested Content is enabled on Windows 11 that helps you discover more about Windows and new features within the Settings app. Although this […]

How to Allow Windows to Automatically Manage Page file Size in Windows 11 or 10?

A page file (also known as a “paging file”) is a hidden system file on a hard disk. It enables the system to remove rarely accessed modified pages from physical memory to virtual memory (page file). So that, your Windows system uses physical memory more efficiently for more frequently accessed pages. The paging file is a […]

How to Specify Deadlines for Automatic Restart to Windows 11 or 10 after Windows Updates?

There are two types of updates in Windows 11 and 10 devices: feature updates and Quality Updates. By default, Windows automatically downloads and installs these updates on your PC. Windows also notify you to restart your computer immediately or schedule a restart when these updates are downloaded and installed. If you want, you can reschedule […]

How to Enable or Disable Website Access to Language List in Windows 11 or 10?

While browsing the internet, you may land on some websites that may have their content available in many different languages. These types of websites access to language list on Windows 11/10 and then share their contents in your Windows preferred language. While this feature might improve user experience and show the contents in your native […]

TaskbarXI Turns your Windows 11 Taskbar into a macOS-like Dock

On a Windows 11 Taskbar, you can’t do a lot of customization according to your needs. Hence, you might search for a new tool to customize your Windows 11 Taskbar. By default, you can change a couple of visual effects, but using third-party software’s you can tweak a lot according to your choice. In this […]

Eraser: A Free Security Tool to Remove Sensitive Data from Windows 11 & 10

If you save sensitive data on your computer, you should use a good sanitization tool so that your deleted data can not be recovered from your hard disk. Many free applications are available to permanently delete files from your PC so that they can not be recovered using any third-party software. Eraser for Windows 11/10 […]