ShareX: Free Screen capture, Video converting, and Productivity Tool for Windows 10

Most of us take a screenshot or create a video in our day-to-day life. It is possible to take a screenshot using Windows 10 built-in utility Snipping tool or utilize freeware like a greenshot. If you are looking for one freeware tool to capture the screenshot and record the screen on Windows 10, you may prefer to use ShareX.


ShareX a free screen capturing program that is very handy and efficient to use, and it has some amazing advanced hotkey systems. You can do all sorts of things with ShareX, such as taking screenshots of your full screen with the Print Screen button. Still, you also take screenshots of specific windows or specific regions of the active screen. You can instantly edit your screenshots by adding squares boxes, circles, arrows, text, blurring things, pixelating things, etc.

When you launch the ShareX, there are two ways that you can use it. You could use the program window to access the various tools; another method is to minimize the window go to the system tray, look for the ShareX icon & right-click on it. You will find the same categories listed here as well. On the home screen of this tool, you will find the most popular hotkeys listed; it is useful for those who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. For example, to capture an active window, you’ll press the Alt + Print Screen keys.

You can even change these given hotkeys by navigating to Hotkeys Setting. You can assign your own keys that are comfortable and convenient to use; you can even add a new hotkeys/shortcut button here by clicking on Add button.

If you want to take a screenshot, you have many other choices; in the left sidebar of the tool, select Capture, and you will see a list of options (like Fullscreen capture, Window capture, Monitor, Region, Screen Recording, Scrolling capture, Auto capture, etc.) available for capturing the screen.

The ShareX freeware also allows you to capture the screenshot after a specific time delay. You can select between 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, and 5 seconds.

Even for the screen recording, you can use the shortcut button Shift + Print Screen to Start/Stop Screen recording or directly go to capture and select Screen recording. The best part of ShareX is that you can record any part of the screen. Similarly, you can use this program using the shortcuts button directly or going to the capture button in the upper left sidebar for the utility that is needed.
If you ever need to convert any of your video files, ShareX has a useful video converter; on the home screen, go-to tools, and select video converter, it will open a new window to input video files that you would like to convert. When you click on Tools in addition to the video converter, there are other useful utilities to check out. There are a few tools such as a screen color picker, image editor, ruler, DNS changer, QR code generator, directory indexer, and a whole lot more.
The QR code creator is quite handy restaurants have been using them lately to access their menus; copy and paste the URL into the box to create the new QR code; for this, go to the Tools and select QR code.

Final Opinion on ShareX

As a user, I have not used or ever found any free screen capture program with so many utility tools and functions with handy functionality. ShareX is a beneficial application for those who want to take a screenshot or record the desktop screen. It is available for download through Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Even you can download this freeware app for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 from the developer website.

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