Shutdown Timer Classic: Log out, Lock, Restart, or Shutdown PC on a Schedule in Windows 11/10

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If you want to Log out automatically, Lock, Restart, or Shutdown your computer or laptop at a specific time on Windows 11/10, there are no such settings available. However, Windows forces restart after updates, but you can’t set a timer to execute any power options like Hibernate, Shutdown, or Restart. If someone wants to schedule the Shutdown or Restart, he can perform these tasks using a third-party Shutdown Timer Classic program.

Shutdown Timer Classic

The Shutdown Timer Classic is an open-source program that is straightforward to use. It is a UMP (Universal Windows Platform) application, and one can download it from Microsoft Store. Once you install and run this software, you can access all the power options such as Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Sleep, Logout, and Lock by clicking on the “Select an action“drop-down menu.

Once you select an appropriate action, you can set the timer when the specific action should be triggered on your computer or notebook. It lets you configure the timer by hours, minutes, and seconds. After selecting the proper power action and setting the time, click on the Start button to turn on the timer.

As soon as you activate the timer, the interface will switch to timer mode. Depending on the power mode selection, you will see the timer on the screen; for example, if you select the Shutdown option, then on the screen, you will the Shutdown Timer; if you select the Restart option, then you will see Restart timer. If you forget which plan will be executed on your computer, by seeing the timer, you will know.

It is a floating window that stays on top of other windows which you adjust the position on the desktop by moving it. The other noticeable feature in the Shutdown Timer Classic is that it let you resize it according to your choice. Move the cursor to the edge of the timer and resize it according to your choice.

Right-clicking on the shutdown timer, you can access the following options:-

  1. Stop and exit
  2. Restart the timer
  3. Restart the app
  4. Move to the background

As said above, by default timer will remain on top of other windows; however, you can send it in the system tray by selecting the “Move to background.” You can access the Shutdown Timer Classic by right-clicking on its icon on the system tray.

Shutdown Timer Classic features a graceful mode, which prevents force closing of other programs running in the background. It sounds like an intellectual feature if you have unsaved documents open on your PC.

You can access the settings of Shutdown Timer Classic by clicking on the Settings icon of this application. It also allows you to set a password so that no one can cancel the scheduled actions if you leave your PC unattended.

Final Opinion on Shutdown Timer Classic

Overall, Shutdown Timer Classic is a nice freeware that lets you schedule power options easily. It comes with a modern design, and all the options are easily accessible.

Download Shutdown Timer Classic

You can download Shutdown Timer Classic tiny utility from GitHub.

Wise Auto Shutdown is another freeware tool that lets you automatic PC Shutdown, Log Off, Restart, and Sleep to Windows 11/10 PC.

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